Biopsy results are back - no cancer!!!!

Oh my god, the post came and had my results from my biopsy. NO CANCER!!! Pre cancerous CGIN & CIN2 that needs removing. I am booked in for a LLETZ next week.

After my colposcopy last week, the doctor said my cells were so abnormal he hadn't seen anything like it in his 30 years experience and i thought i'd had it. He took several punch hole biopsys, more than normal so they could really analyse it. I know i'll have to wait for my results after the LLETZ but this is the best news i could have ever hoped for. As soon as its out and I'm healed i'm trying for a baby. I felt like i was going to lose everything. (Yes i am a massive drama queen!)

The LLETZ appointment seems soon, but not going to try and read into that, its at a small hospital that doesnt cover a big area and I have holidays booked in May that they know about. My smear was only 3 weeks ago so maybe our area is just speedy! I can't fault the NHS, my little boy was born with a Cleft and the treatment was amazing, and again they havent let me down when it counted.

Its not the end of the journey and no doubt i'll be here fretting about biopsy results from Lletz but for the moment i'm soooo relieved! Thanks for all your support ladies xxx

That's great news :-)

That's fantastic news. I had CIN3 almost three years ago... I know how worrying the wait is. 

Excellent news! If your smear and biopsy showed CIN2 then I would hedge my bets on that's all it is chick! 


I I had a smear and biopsy show CIN3 so I had Lletz still waiting the results of that but I know it'll come back CIN3 or possibly less! 



Thanks :-) Hopefully the lletz will get it all and that will be that. cGIN isn't great and maybe risky that's it's travelled but the consultant had a good look and they have recommended lletz rather than a cone biopsy so fingers crossed. Gone from a phone call from GP telling me they suspected cancer two weeks ago to biopsy showing 'only' cgin and cin2. This is definitely the best news I've had in a few weeks so thinking positive! Good luck to everyone else! Xxx