This probably sounds silly, so I apologise now.
I’ve recently been given the news, I’m in remission, and it’s fantastic news. But, I am now struggling with my feelings. One minute, everything is fine, the next I’m in tears. I’m going through the menopause, I have some other symptoms, but it’s nothing compared with what’s been going on.

I just needed to sound off. One things for sure, Cancer doesn’t disappear, when you think you can move forward.

thanks for listening, and sorry once again


Hi Sylvia.

Sorry you're having such a tough time. It doesn't sound silly at all. I think when you have your treatment you're being kept busy and don't have time to process everything. I know in my case it wasn't until treatment was finished, when i wasn't going to hospital every day that it all kind of hit me. I manage to keep on top of it most days but had a melt down today and couldn't even say why. It sucks how it stays with you but we have to be strong. We got through treatment so can get through this. Just take it day by day and if you feel like crying just cry. It can't help to hold it in. 

Hope you feel better soon. 

Cara xxx

Hi Sylvia :-)

Don't fret sweetheart, this happens to an awful lot of us. I had a total meltdown and had to find myself a counsellor to get me back on the rails, which she did very swiftly and effectively :-) I suggest you mention this to your CNS or Macmillan and see if they can point you in the direction of specialist cancer counsellor. They exist, so there must be enough of us :-)

Be lucky :-)