Feeling down

Hiya I’m just feeling down today had a few wee cry’s to myself today I keep telling myself all’s going to be fine xx

You will feel down hon, it's totally normal.  

You will find a way to deal with things but it takes time. 

I was diagnosed end of November and although I'm not in the state I was I'm coping better. My treatment has started and I am hoping I'm on the road to recovery.  It's a process and we just have to go through it. Emotions, emotions and treatment,  emotions, treatment and side effects, emotions and side effects,  emotions, results and hopefully good emotions. 

I think it's scary that our lives are not our own at the moment.  

One step at a time x 


Hi Leanne,

I have been reading your story and all the various posts between you and others, and just wanted to add a few words. What we have all been through is such a shock to the system, and that's even before treatment starts. For most of us it just comes like a bolt out of the blue and we are largely left on our own to deal with it. Saying how you feel on this site is so important as we are all here to give each other reassurance and encouragement to get us through. A few tears, or even a lot of tears is to be expected, and that is ok. You will be alright, and you will get through this treatment, we are all going to make sure of that. I had a radical hysterectomy followed by chemoradiation, as there was lymph node involvement. Twelve months down the line, I feel pretty good most of the time, so do stay positive, and just post anytime you need to. Hope you can do some nice things this weekend And just remind yourself that you are not alone in this.

Big hugs xxx


Thank-you I'm seeing my gorgeous wee lovable grandchild he is a week old so I will have a lovely weekend thank-you for helping me guys 

A week-old grandson! How gorgeous!

It's true, you will have tearful days, even after treatment has finished. But later, once the fear of recurrence has diminished, you'll be happy and smiling again. It's a bit of a long trek but we are here with you every step of the way.

Be lucky :-)

Thank-you xx

Having a great day today feeling happy 

Hurrah! Hope it's still holding up!

Yes I am 

My mum cervical cancer from stage 2b and now bcom stage 4 due to lymp node involvement near to the neck portion...i am so panic and lost.. tml will start her 1st chemo..can anyone help?? How to cope with it.

Me I just take every day as it comes any questions you want to ask the lovely lady's on this site are very good at answering them to the best of there knowledge they are fantastic and if your not sure of anything phone the doc your mum is dealing with xx