Feeling surreal a1a diagnosis

Hi all, this is only the second time ive posted as I've been trying to stay away from hearing stories and scaring myself silly. However I feel like im in a bit of a haze and uts all happening to someone else and not me... strange I know. 


I had my first ever smear in Jan this year, this showed severe cell changes so I was called in for colposcopy in February. The nurse confirmed CIN3 and took a biopsy for the lab to further confirm this, which it did. I was invited back for loop diathermy treatment on 10th april where the consultant again confirmed a large amount of cell change and performed the treatment. I recieved a letter from the hospital yesterday with an appointment to see the consultant today.


So I arrived for my appointment to be told the diathermy biopsy showed cervical cancer A1A, which they think they managed to get it all.However the CIN3 was close to the margins they removed so will need a repeat diathermy to ensure they are removed. Also being referred for an MRI scan to make sure it hasn't spread elsewhere in pelvic cavity. 


I Know in comparison to some it seems minor, but it all feels a bit surreal and like its not actually happening to me.  Anyway just wanted to clear my head a bit so thought id post on here.Thanks!


Hi,so sorry to hear your news :(

You got to stay positive,now you know they got it early , you will most likely be fine ;)

Good luck ! xxx

Hello hun, so sorry to hear of this. I just wanted to try and reassure you a little - the main thing is, they think they have removed it all but are taking the necessary precautions and removing some more which should remove everything. I think it sounds unlikely to have spread elsewhere, so try to keep in mind that they may have got it all and all will be okay. The best thing is, they have caught it early enough to treat, keep that in mind hun! Don't google, there's so much misinformation on the Internet and also a lot of horror stories and a lot of false info. Stick to this site hun, it's amazing. Try to stay positive sweetheart, as hard as it may be. Don't allow your mind to be your worst enemy - breathe and think 'they've caught anything early enough so I will be fine!' :) surreal to be told you have A1A, but this is at the VERY early stages. Stay positive xxx big hugs xxx

Hi just wanted to say ur situation sounds like mine but I know nothing - all I have been told is there was cancer bit they think the lletz got it all however they want to do another choloscppy ( can't spell) and see what's happening. Please look after urself and keep us updated x 

Hi all, 

i am new to this site and came across this thread. I was diagnosed with A1A cervical cancer back in January 2015. I had two rounds of lletz and was given the all clear on April. I am due my next colposcopy on January and as the time approaches i am becoming more anxious. 

I was wondering where you all are now a year on from your original postings? Would be nice to hear some positivity! 

Hi ladies, 

I’m two Lletz treatments in and waiting for results from second one. 

Was given an A1A diagnosis which my consultant stated was extremely small, can only be seen with a powerful microscope etc. 

I was told my tissue sample was going to MDT review and the treatment options were repeat lletz (which I decided on) or hysterectomy with conservation of ovaries cos I don’t fancy the bloody menopause on top of all this!! 

I am now waiting for results. 

Im terrified. I’m convinced it will be bad news again. I’ve had an awful couple of years, my mum died then my stepdad committed suicide so I don’t have a lot of positivity with this. 

Fingers crossed that I get a result of follow up colposcopy in six months. I could go with a break from the stress of it all. 

Thanks for reading, I just needed to get it out. 

Wishing luck and sending love to all the wonderful ladies on here 


Hi Madamex

Good luck with your results. I have a similar story to yours, diagnosis 1A Villoglandular adenocarcinoma and high grade CGIN. I didn’t have clear margins on 1st lletz and also due to visible growth the 2nd lletz was to confirm if 1A or 1B and also for clear margins. 2nd lletz was clear, however I opted for hysterectomy with ovarian conservation in view of type of cancer it was (however this was not an easy decision and I debated for a month or so, I had abnormal bleeding on that time which helped me reach a decision). I have to say if it was squamous cell I would’ve opted for 6 monthly smears but my alternative was 6 monthly colposcopy. It turns out my cervix was so scarred they wouldn’t have been able to see what they needed at colposcopy.

If you want to PM me at any point I’m happy to chat xxxx