I'm in shock

Had a diathermy loop two weeks ago and got the call this morning to come in and discuss results on Friday as the diathermy loop found cancer and it wasn't all removed, I have an MRI booked for tomorrow and then will discuss further treatment on Friday. I just don't know what to think, I've never missed a smear and my only symptom was about half a teaspoon beeding a handful of occasions over the space of a month. I just don't know how to do this...

Sorry that you find yourself in this situation, which can be so mind blowing at the time. From now on in there will be lots of appointments and scans and you hardly have time to draw breath let alone really digest what is happening. If you have a partner, relative or close friend who is able to come with you to some of the appointments then that helps as they can take notes so you are free to listen and ask questions. It all feels very scary at this stage I know, but take one step at a time as there is so much to get your head around. There may be other women who reply who are at the same stage as you and you can do your journey together. The site is full of information and women who have been there themselves, so you are never alone if you are on here. Hope each step goes well and although you don't know right now how you will do this, you will find the strength and you will get through to the other side. All the best.

Thanks Rachel my husband and my sister are going to come to the appointments with me. My sister is very level headed and calm and I need her by my side. I've just got to show up to appointments, listen and do this step by step. It just feels daunting at the moment :-) xx 

I had my hubby and sister around too for support, such a god send. Good luck for the rest of the week.x



Had the MRI today. It all went ok. My consultant has arranged for me to see him tomorrow with the results before he goes away for the week and to talk about future treatment. Getting a little nervous now but I've got a fantastic support team and I can do this :-) 

Hi lboyle, 

sorry to hear you're in this position, glad your MRI went ok, and you have got good peope around you, it really does make such a difference! 
Waiting is the worst but i hope you are not waiting too long for results, it all seems so surreal at first but it's doable. Hope things go ok tomorrow!  

You have absolutely got this!! 

Let us know how you go lovely. Sending lots of love xxx

Good morning Iboyle. Just popping in to send good wishes before your results appointment today. Whatever unfolds, know that you are in a better position today than you were last week, because you will know exactly what is going on, exactly what your options are and have a team of experts at your disposal ready to work with you to make that happen. It's no longer an unknown murkiness lurking about unseen and unhindered. This is A Good Thing. This stranger on the internet will be thinking of you. 

Hey guys I met with my nurse and consultant this morning and there's good news and bad news. The good news is the cancer is confined to my cervix, so no sign of it anywhere else, the bad news is obviously further treatment. which will be discussed at MDT Tuesday morning whether it will be a radical hysterectomy or chemoradiation (possibility of a mixture of both to clear up any residual cells. Feel a bit calmer about things now as I'm getting a plan in place. They also want to do an audit of my previous smears as there is a question as to how my last smear was clear and three years later I'm here...they've asked me if I want to know the outcome of the ingestigation but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for all your replys I'll keep you updated xx 

Were they able to give you any more information, e.g., what type of cancer, stage, or anything else? Was it the MRI that showed no spread? (I'm in the U.S., and procedures are different here and the results are conveyed differently to patients.) For example, my MRI results were sent to me in an email about 8 hours after the MRI. They showed no spread - which made my Oncologlist and me very, very happy!

Yeah the MRI showed no spread. Theybe said 2b, I just really want to get on and start my treatment now as I'm scared the longer it's in me the more it's growing :-( 

If you search my posts you will see the journey on chemoradiation that I had

exacfly like you 2b

basically I had 25 radiotherapy,5 chemo and pulsed rate brachytherapy In January this year

just had my first MRI and I’m all clear.

my tumour was confined to the cervix, however too big to remove , so no hysterectomy.

your MDT will sort out the best course of treatment and it’s all very do able and goes quicker than you think!

its all a bit surreal really

good luck and stay positive x

Hey, met with oncologist today and she was lovely. Examined me all over and internally and talked treatment side effects etc etc my treatment will be pretty much the same as you described mousehouse. Got to have a planning scan for my radiation and then get things going. It is very very surreal. Apparently it is only just outside the cervix a tiny bit so she's confident of treatment working and also she said it's not bulky?? So much information to take in xx 

Hi lboyle89 - I just wanted to leave a note to wish you the very best. Your oncologist feels positive, so that's great news.

It is a surreal experience. I was diagnosed in December, with a radical hysterectomy in January. I still feel like it was all surreal. Everything moved very, very fast. I had the same experience: never missed a Pap smear, and only had one very minor episode of bleeding and somehow I wound up a few months later in surgery, with cervical cancer. But my progrnosis is good, and I hope yours will be, as well. Best of everything in your journey.

Hey there, wanted to pipe up and say I was 2b with lymph inv. in October. You can get through the treatment...honestly, I was so nervous but with the support of amazing ladies on here and at the hospital you will too.


Sending hugs x

Hey, thanks freeflowingflossie now

I had my planning scan yesterday and got my little tattoos, the place in having treatment seemed really nice and all the staff were lovely. It all kicks off on the 14th May so not long now. Had a bit of a wobbly day today because a few of my friends are planning things and want me to come along but I don't know if I can go because they'll be mid treatment and I haven't even told them I have cancer yet...I don't really know how to say it i guess xx


Just wanted to pop by & say I'm a fellow 2b gal too :) glad you've got things getting put in place and starting to happen! It's totally doable lovely, I was diagnosed this time last year & started treatment in the June! As the lovely ladies have said there is so much support on here for you....you've got this!! 

Everyone is different in how/who they yell people, if they do so, but I personally found it easier just to be honest with people. I was really poorly before my treatment so people kind of knew something was wrong but it's totally up to you if you do. Don't rule anything out though, some people don't have as many side effects through treatment, take each day as it comes & see how you feel lovely xxxx