Freaking Out!!!!

Have just been to hospital for my pre-op for biopsy tomorrow. Except I have discovered that they are also doing an EUA (which I expected), something else that I didn't quite catch (cystoscopy I think) and a sigmoidoscopy!! Is this the usual run of things?? I'm freaking out that they think it's spread already. I've tried telling myself that they need to look around to know that it hasn't but sadly I seem to be incapable of listening to me! 

Experiences and reassurance gratefully received.


Rachel x

I am no expert and am recently diagnosed but I have been told it is absolutely normal practice to do these things purely to rule other things out. Be very very glad that when they tell you that you are clear they really know you are clear! I had my MRI results today (thankfully clear) and it's such a great feeling to know that showed nothing. I was due to have what you are having next week but instead they offered me the chance to have it done under local today and I leapt at it. All the structures they are testing for yu are very close and they need to know exactly what they are dealing with to offer the very best treatment if any is necessary. Good luck!



Thanks Ostrich, I'm having all done under GA tomorrow and am glad I'll not be awake to be honest. Came as a bit of a shock as in clinic last week he only mentioned the biopsy and nothing else. I guess I should be glad they are doing it all at once.


Awesome that your results were clear. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some of the same.


Rachel x

Hi Hun,

Look I can't lie before I had it done I was convinced they were going to find something horrendous in me but they didn't. Whatever it is or isn't at least tomorrow you'll have a better understanding & then only the wait for the biopsy results.

Once you know what you're dealing with you will feel better.

Sending you a big hug from Essex xxx

It's so easy st the beginning to freak out and pretty easy to have freak outs further down the road. According to my initial thoughts I should of been dead a year! I'm not, clearly, but I was utterly convinced it was everywhere and I had 6 months. 


one of the hardest things is learning to trust the docs and put your faith in them. It's handing over control which can be really scary. 


Good luck with it all and let us know how it goes. x

Hi Rachel,

There is a world of difference between 'thinking that it's spread already' and

making absolutely sure that it hasn't. My first exam was a chest X-ray!

Be lucky


Hi Rachel,

I wish you good luck! Keep in mind that things in life usually are not as bad as we initially think.

It's our mind that tends to focus on the least positive scenario, causing great distress. Cancer is nasty

and scary, but I hope in your case it is going to be highly treatable. It might sound irrelevant, but no matter

what stage you are at, it is very important to stay positive. My granny was diagnosed with breast cancer back in '70s.

She kicked its arse but had recurrence 4 years later. Being a single mother of 6, she gathered all her strenght and was lucky

to win the battle again. Eventually, she died from colon cancer but it was 30 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Everything is possible! xx

Thanks for your support ladies,

The fight is well & truly on! The good news is that my bowel and bladder are clear. The bad news is that my tumour is sizeable and effects parts of my uterus. Because of this I have been provisionally staged at stage 3, best case scenario is 2b. Awaiting scans in the next week or so for the full picture. Treatment will almost certainly be chemo/rad. Brachytherapy wasn't mentioned but I'm sure will be included. We're not sure what my fertility options are at this stage, got to wait for results of scans first.

I'm Stronger Than Cancer and I Will Beat It!!!

Rachel xx

Hun I've been thinking about you.

Absutely you WILL beat this! You now know what you're dealing with, I'm right here with you. I can't personally offer advice on that treatment but there are plenty on here who can.


Clare xxx

Thanks Clare, I'm still quite numb to be honest. The only way I can desctibe it is that it feels like I'm on the outside looking in. I know it's happening to me byf at the same time I can't believe it. That doesn't make sense I know! MRI now booked for Monday. Honestly, the care and the speed that things have happened to date is amazing.

Feeling fragile and tired today. I guess that's to be expected after GA and results of yesterday. 

Will keep you updated.

Rachel xx

I totally understand.  When I was diagnosed I had to keep it together for my Mum as my Dad passed away 2 years ago due to cancer & my Brother passed away in an accident so it's just Mum & I & I remember thinking is this really happening!?!

It's 100% natural to feel the way you do after a GA without a cancer diagnosis on top! For me the worst parts were waiting for staging & telling people.  You'll get through it Sweetie, you just can't see how at the moment but you will xxx

Hi Rachel :-)

I know just what you mean, it's a bit like being on one of those airport walkway things where you're whizzing along but your feet aren't moving. It's a sort of out-of-body experience. This happens, you are taking time to adjust to the fact that this is really happening. Once the mind has caught up there will probably be something of a bumpy landing. Don't worry, this is all perfectly normal and we are all here for you when it happens.

Be lucky