Feeling sick

So I had the second smear of my life last week and turned up feeing very uncomfortable. Sorry to overshare but the nurse informed me that I had thrush (something I hadn’t even realised) so she had to take a new sample. Anyway they informed me I’d hear my results in a week. Then today (8 days later) my local hospital called me to tell me I needed to book my colposcopy appointment. I had no idea what this was or why I needed it. The receptionist explained that there was an abnormality with my smear and they needed to take a closer look. I’ve really freaked myself out. I was hoping that the thrush had just affected the sample but I’ve spent the whole evening on google (bad idea) and it would seem that something irregular has definitely been detected for me to be having a colposcopy. Also everyone else seemed to have letters whereas I got a phone call informing me that I had to meet with a doctor and have my appointment within two weeks. I’m absolutely terrified. I know this is dramatic but I’m single and I’m so scared they’ll find something and I’ll never be able to have kids… I’m so scared.

Honestly, don't panic. Different Trusts go about it in different ways. I think most people get an appointment within two weeks if they can. It's scary at first but you get over it a bit. I freaked when I got my letter but I ended up having to move my appointment (came on early, thanks biology) and now since I've had to wait longer, I'm kinda not even that bothered anymore. So don't worry, I think everyone panics at first. It's just routine :) 

Thank you for your lovely response. I've been doing the worst thing by googling it constantly and making things far worse! I think I'm more worried about after Tuesday waiting for the results! 

Aww Lulu don't panic. I actually received a phone call from my GP surgery to tell me they'd found abnormalities in my smear before I received a hospital letter, I was crapping myself. But this is quite a common thing, they like to prepare you so there are no surprises and obviously they want you to get it sorted ASAP because even though they don't know how major the change is the sooner u get it sorted the less risk there is to you. It is quite an unsettling thing to hear but they are there to help. I am a serial self diagnosed lol so you're not the only one but all your doing is creating more panic in yourself. There is no point in worrying as you can't change the result. Just take it one day at a time my lovely. You'll be fine xx

Thank you. Well I went for my colposcopy and was told that there was no point taking a biopsy as they could already tell the cells needed to be removed and they might be glandular. So yesterday I had a cone biopsy. The doctor was great but I didn't get much information on what happens next. I know ive now just got to wait for the results but I have no idea what the results might be?! Has anyone been through this? thanks for being so supportive xx