Had my colposcopy (not for faint hearted)

Hey guys so after an excruciating 7 week wait I finally had my colposcopy on Monday after my last smear showing low grade dyskaryosis and HPV.

I broke down when I got to the hospital and cried for pretty much the entire examination. I won't lie, it was horrible! It wasn't exactly painful as it was uncomfortable but just the whole process was very, very upsetting. I felt violated, and two days on, I still feel completely traumatised.

First of all she said I had like white discharge and swabbed me for thrush and other STDs (nice), for the record I didn't notice any abnormal discharge before or since, get regular sexual health checkup and had no symptoms of thrush so really confused by this. I had been taking a medication to delay my period for a few days (norethistherone) so could be that maybe?

So after applying the solution on my cervix she couldn't see anything for ages then she did and took a biopsy (just one I believe). Afterwards I asked the nurse if she thought I had cancer she said "no I don't" then I asked her what she thought my results would show, she said "I'd expect you to be asked to come back in a year for a checkup".

Ok so, would she say that if she thought it was serious? She knew how upset I was and I'm scared she might've lied to reassure me.

I've had horrible, watery, browny discharge ever since the examination and period pain although pain has subsided a little.

I've been told I couldn't bathe for a couple days, do you think it's safe for me to do so today? I wanted a hot bath more than anything after the hospital and couldn't, so upsetting!

I'm really worried about getting my results. She also told me that the smear I had in December wasn't necessary as my last three smears had been normal and I wasn't due one until 2016 (I'd asked for one because I changed surgery and wasn't sure if I was due one or not)


Hi, Alizee.

I would try to feel reassured. She wouldn't leave you without treating you if she thought there was any chance that you had dangerous abnormal cells.  It sounds like she believes your cervix is basically healthy, maybe with some CIN1 which might regress on its own between now and your next smear (hence the biopsy).

Colp is quite emotional, so I'm not surprised you feel the way you do.  The brown discharge is normal from the biopsy.  I supect that having a bath is probably ok now seeing as you didn't have LLETZ, but call the clinic - they can tell you for sure.

Feel better soon x

Sorry to hear about your experience. I had my 3rd colposcopy (including 2nd LLETZ) yesterday and it was actually easier

than having a filling done! The whole thing took 5-10 min max and was 100 %  painless. So ladies, really do NOT worry!

First time was bit of a shock as I did not expect (I am super healthy, do not smoke/drink, am size 8 and fit) to have LLETZ

done there and then so I was shaking for a bit after (i drove myself there and back home no problems). But the 2nd time

was really easy, no pain at all, not even when he put the local anaesthetic in! I felt bad for dragging my hubby with me,

oh well :). FYI, the discharge is normal, in all kinds of colors and lasts about a month. 

A MONTH?!? So I can't have sex for a month? And how do I know if it's my period or just the biopsy?! Thank you

Hi Alizee, I was talking about LLETZ (sorry for the confusion). After punch biopsy you actually get slighty more bleeding/discharge, this lasted about 1 week (in my case). You can have sex when you stop having a dsischarge/bleeding (as that means the area has healed and takes about a week). 

Period - depends on what kind of periods do you usually get. I get heavy ones, bright red, so I knew when it arrived :))). The punch biopsy was more of a spotting (bright red to start with, then turned brown)

I don't think the discharge lasts so long after the colposcopy, that would be if you've had treatment such as LLETZ. Did they not give you a sheet of do's and don'ts?

The bleeding from the biopsy is not like a period, its much less usually. Everyone is different but I think you will know when its your period.

Perhaps you should try taking Kalms or speaking to your doctor for something stronger if you need to go back again for a checkup. You have yourself worked up into a terrible state altogether. We all feel scared and anxious, but you have to trust the doctors when they tell you its not serious and will likely clear up on its own.

Maybe find a hobby to take your mind off things while you wait on results. Best of luck to you x