Feeling rather emotional :(

Hi ladies, Not really sure what i should write but feel like i need to speak out. Never did i ever think i would join a forum like this, always thought i’d be ok. I had a colposcopy on wednesday i was due on this day to but still haven’t had my period (i’m not pregnant) I’m usually like a clockwork, is this normal?
I didn’t ask the consultant or the 2 nurses anything, i just couldn’t speak! He asked if i would like to no what he was going to do and if i wanted to look at the screen i said no to both, kind of regret this now but i just didn’t want to see what was going on like i didn’t want it to seem like it was real :frowning: I no he took a biopsy and i heard him say to one of the nurses can you see the white bit which freaked me out a bit. The consultant said i will hear in 4 weeks but after i was dressed the nurse said 6 weeks!? I thought i would be ok with that but I’ve been emotional ever since just thinking the worse. I’m a mum to a little girl her birthday is at the end of the month and shes currently enjoying the summer holidays (i should be too i work in her school lol) I can’t help thinking what the outcome will be. I no i should be staying positive but having seen my own mum pass away from secondary breast cancer at the age of 47 and my auntie also losing her battle with ovarian cancer at the age of 47 it’s kind of hard to stay positive. I don’t know anyone else who has been through this before so feel like i can’t speak to anyone. Is the wait really that long? Do they ring or send a letter? I feel so stupid asking this because i could of easily just asked while i was there but i was trying so hard to hold the tears back trying to stay strong that i just forgot about even asking anything, once i’m crying that’s it snot and everything lol.
Any advice is welcome. Thank you in advance xx


I've not yet had my results back yet so I can't really give you an idea on waiting time! From what I've gathered on here though some people have had them earlier and some peoples have been closer to the 4-6 weeks mark. I really just think it depends on your area and how busy the labs are.

The white bit you are referring to is just where they place the liquid to show up the abnormal cells. So getting the white patch is normal.

I can relate to how you are feeling as well. It's such an emotional/stressful time. Just try to keep busy and enjoy your summer hols! Good luck with your results :) xx


Thank you for the reply, it's so stressful isnt it? Not sure how i am going to cope through out the next few weeks. I've read a lot of ladies who had a high grade result have had the Lletz treatment straight away after the colposcopy? I didn't! I'm guessing i will have this at some point? Need to stop thinking about it so much but it's so hard i'm such a worrier. Good luck with your results also, fingers crossed for you xx

Yes very stressful! I panick everytime my phone rings and then everytime I check the post!

Yes I've read that the majority of people with high grade have had to have the treatment straight away. Maybe at your colposcopy they couldn't grade it? I think sometimes it can be hard for them to tell which grade it is so if they aren't sure they will send off a biopsy like they have for you. I think they try and avoid treatment where they can, which would be for low grade and I think they carry out treatment for moderate - severe grades. So maybe they just want to confirm your grade before going ahead :) I hope that makes sense! xx

I know it is hard to try and forget it about..I really try to but it's still there!

Thank you for that really does make a lot of sense  :) I just want it to be over with already. I dont even no much about it other than my smear was high - grade dyskaryosis (severe) nothing else on the letter and nothing was said at the hospital other than my smear showed abnormalities and that was why i was having a colposcopy. I've been ok for a few hours today but i no something will set me off again later. xx

I feel ur pain Sarah ... I to had an colonoscopy but on Thursday day after u and also only had a biopsy taken nothing else done ... Worried sick I am here if u need to talk xxx

I'm up and down all the time :( I'm currently on my period so could be why. Last few days i've had pain in my right leg i've read this could be a sign of something more.. I really should stop looking online but it's so hard to stop. Although my period seems fine and nothing different than usual i never get the leg pain! Which is now worrying me even more. This wait is so long, I now wish i asked questions. We should get our results around the same time, fingers crossed all is fine xx


Bloody hell ... I to hqve been getting terrible pain the last 6 months in my right leg around my knee and in my hip and on the right side ! I kept saying to my husband this just don't feel right it's come from no where and just getting worse !! ... I even went to my Drs few months back about it and they told me it was just general aches and pains for my age !! But like u since finding out I got abnormal cells I looked on the net and it's worrying what came up about it !! I just hope we both get answers soon and fingers crossed nothing to serous xx

I've had similar symptoms with pain in my right hip and knee? was wondering why myself had Lletz on 11th July and still await results.