Hi ladies. Just want to know if this means anything or just me reading into it to much. I had my colposcopy done on the 9th so coming up 3 weeks they told me I would have to wait about 4 weeks for results but I phoned today and lady said she will have A look but it's normally between 4-6 weeks for results. so she checked and said no nothing's come in but u should definitely hear something by the end of the week??!?! But she just told me between 4-6 so why should I hear something at the end of the week? It's probably me reading into it to much but u know wot it's like ur mind goes into over drive. 

Wot do u ladies think? 

Thanks. Xxx

hello marie, sorry to hear about your situation but the waiting game is always the worst.  i personally didnt have to wait as they told me at my colposcopy that i do have cancer.  my cousin who is also called marie is still waiting for her results too and went for hers around the same time as you.. they do say no news is good news??  i know its hard but try not to get yourself too worried. i have my fingers crossed for you xx

Hi marie it's the waiting game. I am nickys mum and we were just as scared as you nicky says it's a waiting game. We have been through nearly 7weeks of treatment and now in the waiting game for the news if everything is going to be ok. It's hard but I am sure everyone here will can ask anything here. Have you got family to help you during this time of waiting. 

Is that u Nicky? Carol? i can't stand the waiting I just need to know if I need treatment and if so wot? But I don't understand how the lady on the phone said my results ain't in but I should defiantly hear by the end of the week? I'm always asking after u Nicky I hear from grandma that ur coping well! Well.... As best as can be expected. Don't really know wot to say to u? Except keep strong and Positive. And if there is anything I can do I would love to help. 


i knew it was you, thats why i mentioned about my cousin. like i said, i was told on the day because they were able to see my tumour.  i hope because you have not heard by now that its not as bad as where i am. the waiting game drives a lot of people crazy.  ive been told its the worse. dont worry bout treatment just yet until you have your results.. yes i have coped very well considering what we go through.  but dont worry about me, and thankyou. im here for you.  i told mum to text you my number. send me a text if you need a shoulder or just a chat xx

Ur so brave Nicky!  sure I will be fine it's just the thought wot if? Why? U know! I will leave my number at grandmas and get ur mum to take it coz if u need someone different to talk to or cry on or anything please ring or txt or wot ever. We have such a big family Nicky and i know ur mums been great but I wouldn't want u to feel alone through this! and I know from my bit that i always ask after u and Kerry and Tracey always ask me if I know anything We are all thinking of u. 

Big hugs. Xxx

i sent you a private message x

Marie go and enjoy your holiday. The more you worry about waiting for the results, the harder your mind works to stress you out.get xx

Hey, i had my lletz treatment on the 9th of april aswell, i still havent heard anything either, i rang the hospital and they said they dont give results over the phone but they normally take 4-6 weeks. 


Hope this helps.

I called after 3 weeks with a Q, not for my results as I wasnt expecting them - she told me they had been sent as urgent and those reeults usually come back within 7 days but the Easter holiday had caused major back log. Obviously I paniced but my consultant called me the next day with the results x

Hi ladies. i had cin1 so have just had my follow up smear a year on And have now just had a letter to say I need to go for another colposcopy but they havnt told me the results of my smear? Is this normal? The letter is just for an appointment to go for the colposcopy. Last time I had to phone them for a appointmen? Is this normal? 

Thanks. Xxx