Feeling confused

evening ladies this is my first post so forgive me if I go on to much. so I will start from the beginning I went for my smear test (which was a year late) my results come back 6 weeks later. Received a letter saying I needed to be seen at colposcopy with 2 weeks. My appointment came through and only had to wait a week. at my appointment the dr told me I had cgin and needed Lletz treatment that day. Was so nervous but the treatment wasn’t to bad really think I just blocked it out to be honest. I have had so much trouble sice been on 3 different antibiotics due to infection have had terrible tummy pains. Its been 4 weeks since my treatment and still in pain. I received a phone call yesterday to say they have removed all cell and just need to go back to dr in 6 months for repeat smear. Also that my case will go to MDT meeting as I had cgin but that is normal. Was so happy with the results and felt like a massive weight had been lifted. The today I recieve a letter from the hospital today saying that my results from the colposcopy  show abnormal cells and that it’s going to MDT to discuss what treatment I need next  So I’m feeling so confused as one day I’m told it’s all fine just book smear in 6 months then I receive this letter can any one help please as so confused   

sorry for the long post 

i would phone them and ask why they sent you a letter to go to mdt then have a smear 6 months later. x

thank you for reply I will phone them tomorrow