Confused please help!

Hi ladies , please put my mind at ease if you can?
I had a smear in April this year, results were back after two weeks with high grade dyskaryosis and was booked in for a colposcopy a wk later but had to wait as was time of the month.
I attended the colposcopy and the lady performing it, said my cervix looked fine and took 3 biopsys. Fast forward 5 wks and no results so I contacted the hospital who asked me if I had changed my name as they could not find results and would get back to me!
They called two days later to say that my results are being discussed at mdt meeting which was Monday just gone. Received a phone call today to say that an appointment has been made for 15th July and I need to attend to discuss biopsy and treatment…
I’m petrified to say the least, could I have cancer? I thought they would only call you back if it was serious and that if I needed treatment that they would just send me an appointment for the clinic to have the treatment, not to see a dr to discuss the results:( am I just panicking for nothing? Thank you so much xxx

I can't really help I'm afraid just wanted to send you a virtual hug and I hope everything's ok xx

Hi Hun,

i can't tell you what your result will be, but I wanted to offer you some reassurance. I was discussed at a multi disciplinary meeting, but did not have cancer. I would take it that your results weren't "normail", but you don't know what your dealing with yet!!! Usually they have the meetings to ensure you get the best possible care..... so rest assured that the team are coming up with a plan to help you!!! 


Good of luck X X X 

Thank you for taking the time to reply. The waiting and not knowing is awful. Hopefully I will receive a letter today and maybe that will tell me what I have if anything as in cin. It's torture, my mind is in over time. I cried after she called yesterday and I know is silly but I wish they could tell you more. Will update if I receive a letter with more info. Thank you once again xx

The waiting is terrible!!! I convinced myself that I was gonna need a hysterectomy..... I think you always prepare yourself for whatever the worst case scenario for you is...... I couldn't sleep Untill  I got the all clear..... N I know this will sound a little odd, but I'm reassured by the regular colposcopy I now have...... but waiting for letters def sucks!!!!! X

I think it's just really odd the way they have gone about it all. 5 wks I waited for results and then they were asking if I changed my name which I haven't, making me think they have over looked my result somehow and now it may b worse. It's a scary time isn't it :( what is the lettz? It seems most people have that but she told me I need to have lazer, I hate waiting X thank you for ure reply xx

i think laser is less invasive, and usually means there's a small area to treat...... They target it quite easily..... i think there's info on here about t specifics!!! 

lletz is where they use a loop thing to remove an area (I think)... It's usually done with local anaesthetic.... But I was put to sleep for mine as the surgeon toled me he was going to remove "a fair chunk" of my cervix and drew me a picture!!! It's funny how I've remembered that phrase..... You literally hang on their every word..... It all plays on your mind....


im off for my 12 month check up soon and it's bothering me already,..... But I know I'll feel better after!!


talking/posting about it helps though..... I like reading people's journies in here,..... It gives me hope n helps me realise I'm not just stressing over nothing!!! X 

Hi there

Discussing your results at an MDT meeting doesn't mean you've got cancer. It just means that there may be some unusual or contradictory results, so they get a bunch of experts together to  have a good look and decide next steps together. If they are telling you that you will have laser treatment, I would think that's unlikely to mean cancer, for the simple reason that LLETZ removes a sample (think electrified cheesewire, which cauterises as it removes a chunk of cervix) that they can then test, like a bigger biopsy, whereas laser zaps the cells so there is nothing that can be tested afterwards. I doubt they would be going down that route if they thought they might find even a microscopic cancer. The other thing that tends to suggest it won't be the worst news is that your appointment is over 3 weeks away - I believe that if they even suspect cancer, target time is under 2 weeks, and they are judged on how well they meet that target (mum in law works for the NHS so I know from her that it's something they take very seriously)

3 weeks is a long wait to have your mind put at rest, I know. Hang in there hun,  I am sure it'll be fine


Thank you both for replies I feel slightly better. Hope your 12 month check goes well for you. Thank you for explaining it too me, surly if it was cancer I would be in straight away:) I hope the time goes fast lol xxx

That's what I reckon. The few ladies on here who have had the worst news following LLETZ seem to have had a phone call saying "you need to come in tomorrow" rather than a letter calling them in in 3 weeks time. On that basis, they're probably not overly worried about your results!

I rang the clinic today to ask about my results again and to put my mind at rest as I panic so much! The nurse was lovely and explained that I have moderate cell changes and hpv and that I will be having the loop/lettz treatment but the consultant wants to take another look at vaginal walls and the cervical canal and then we can decide what to do. Feel a bit less panicked now :) xx