Any help or advice I would be very grateful as my mind is going mad :(

Hi there all you lovely ladies firstly I want to say how helpful and useful this page is and that I am happy to know that I’m not the only one going through this I want to give you all a massive hug and say how brave you are all being xx

I am really confused on my biopsy results that I received in the post on the 5th November after my colopscopy

It says coloposist view - low grade
Smear result - no smear
Biopsy result- serve changes

And I am being offered loop laser LLETZ treatment next week

Can anyone please please tell me what these results mean as I havnt had anything in black white saying that abnormalities have been found or nothin about CIN or what level it is plus the doctor said that my cervix looked ok and healthy but she took a biopsy anyway my mind is going completely mad as I am so scared that I’m not being told something or something else is going to be found and it’s to late :frowning: I’m an anxious person as it is and worry about everything but I am a single mummy to my 3 year old daughter and she is picking up that mummy is upset and is super clingy to me

My last 2 smears have been HPV found but no adnormal cells found but this years smear was borderline changes and a coloscopy appointment where the doctor said what I have said above I’m so so scared that I’m going to be told I have the big cc I’m terrified and keep crying :frowning:

Any help advise or have any of you lovely ladies been in the same boat as me where results don’t make sense I would really appricate hearing from you many thanks

Lots of love Traka 303

Hi Traka 303 (((HUG)))

Please try and keep in your mind that they are doing the

best for you.All will get sorted in the end.Give your little girl

a learning experience of how to be calm and in control and it

will help you too.

Hope you get sorted ASAP

Take care

Becky x

Hey there! I was first diagnosed with high grade cells while I was pregnant with my first child, now it's 13 years later. Many people treated with lazer or other come out great! it is a scary process because anything involving the word cancer is, but just realize that a lot of us, including yourself, have been fortunate enough to have been diagnosed before cancer can even set in. 

its very hard being a mom and dealing with these issues but us moms are the tough ones!  think positive, and be thankful :) 

feel free to message me if you like, I've been through a lot with this and finding out in 2 days if I'm going in for a hysterectomy. 

Good luck! 


Hi Traka 303, so the meaning of your letter is as follows;


It says coloposist view - low grade – The doctor when she looked at your cervix through the colposcope saw changes on your cervix and judged by the pattern, width, experience etc. that it was CIN1 i.e. affecting only one-third of the thickness of the surface layer of the cervix. 
Smear result - no smear- Meaning no smear was sent for testing with these samples.


Biopsy result- serve changes -  So when the lab technician viewed your biopsies under the microscope; that the doctor took at the colposcopy appointment, she was able to see that your changes were actually deeper than what the doctor was able to see. Meaning a CIN3 diagnosis i.e. More severe changes (not cancer); affecting the full thickness of the surface layer of the cervix.


It is good the doctor took biopsies and this was caught now and it is VERY treatable. In saying that it is a very scary and traumatic experience to go through so give yourself time to process everything. If you are like me once everything is out you will have a huge relief and weight lifted from your shoulders and realise (despite being annoyed you had to go through this) that we are fortunate to live in a time where doctors can catch this early and actually we are lucky.


With regards to your doctor saying your cervix looked fine but took biopsies anyhow, I can only assume she was trying to calm you or was assuming her diagnosis of CIN1 was correct. A watch and wait treatment option is the norm for someone with CIN1 (it can often regress on its own). In saying that your doctor is no idiot and knows that the extent of CIN is depth not width etc and cannot be judged from a colposcopy alone, hence the biopsies she took.


Going forward after your LEETZ treatment you will then get a report stating if the ‘Margins are clear’ my doctor explained this as the ‘magic words’ it means that there were no bad cells in the outer most layer of cells from what they will cut off. Meaning they got it all. You will then be sent for a colposcopy and repeat Pap smear in 6 months’ time.


Hope this clears up a little. Feel free to ask any more questions.



Hi ladies 


thank you all so so much for you kind words help and advice I really really do appricate it :) I really do just want to give you all a massive hug and say how brave you are all being it is nice to know that I'm not in this alone and there is lovely other ladies out there that are being very helpful and advising me thank You all so much xxx 


from what I have been reading up and reading on here I am thinking that most likely my serve changes are cin3 but the doctor only took the one biopsy so silly  question is it only that part of the cervix she took the biopsy from that has the adnormal cells and that area is going to have the loop  treatment  or is it the whole of my cervix? In my letter it says that I'm going to be under local anastetic so again I'm thinking that perhaps it's only that small area that's being treated or is it the whole of my cervix? 


Thank you so much Bahar for you detailed expernation of my results I really do appricate that  I'm alot more clearer now :) and relaxed a bit more I just want next week to come so it can be sorted and hopefully clear once and for all :) I am relieved in a way that yes this has been found and can be treated now before its too late but am still frightend aswell ( as we all are ) as the thought of leaving my babygirl and famiky terrifies me a lot of my questions has been answered by you lovely ladies which I really do appricate thank you so much


lots of love Traka xx big hugs to all you super strong wonderful amazing ladies xxx