desperately need some advice

Hi there just joined Jo’s hoping to find someone to talk to. I put off my smear for a while, just kept forgetting tbh, and started bleeding in between periods. So I went to the doc who did my smear there and then (aswell as told me off for waiting two yrs to have it done!) I didn’t hear anything for about three weeks to be told I have abnormal cells aswell as HPV and was booked in for the colopsophy within the next week. All that was before Xmas. Again haven’t heard anything yet so I rang my GP if my results were in, consultant told me he’d send them there, to be put thru to my consultant. They looked on their computer and said yes your results are ready well print them off and send them out straight away. Now I know they’re on the way I can’t keep focused. I’m panicking so much to the point I can’t sleep plus I’m still spotting! Has anyone got any advise or something? Iv talked to my partner and mum but I don’t want to keep worrying them with my worries. Thank you.

Hi hun this is such a scary and stressful time for all of us lady's. I am experiencing the same worry's.and have abnormalities and HPV   If you are concerned maby try phone the person who done your Colposcopy. I have been harrasing her for my results and they should be back tomorrow so I am hoping she will tell me over the phone.  Although she has already told me my abnormalities are worse than the smear teat showed. And she has to defo lazer it off. I am still not able to think about anything else but the results. As I have had cervical cancer symptoms for ages now.   I hope this has helped and I'm sorry if it hasent. Take care. Jodie. !! Xx.