Can anyone shed any light

Hello all
Iv been ready stories on here for a month or so, and found so many strong ladies
I had a colposcopy 3 weeks ago saying cin2/3, the colposcopist said
Everything looked ok but took biospy 3 of them anyway
Then I received a letter saying I need lletz (shock) I rang the clinic and they said " higher grade found higher up" does anyone know what that could mean eg cgin???
Im worried about lletz feel like I dont know whats happening
Also I know its my imagination but now I have back ache and so tired I know the mind plays tricks
I just wanted to say thank you all for your post they truly truly help when worry takes over xx

Please don't worry about the Lletz. I had mine 3 weeks ago and it was honestly no worst than the coloposcopy. A little stinging when they inject to numb you but other than that completely pain free, and it's over very quickly. 

I had worked myself up about it and the recovery after, but it honestly was fine. Had very little bleeding after and cramping for a few days but no worst than period pains. 

When I went for my coloposcopy I was told my smear was showing high grade changes higher up. After questioning the nurse she said it was Cgin. 

From what I understand it's no worst than CIN3 and it's just that its higher up. 

Please try not to worry, the waiting is the worst, if it is Cgin they have to refer youre results to a mdt meeting (which at most hostipals are once a month), so it takes a little longer.

I got my results yesterday and thankfully not cancer but Ive not got clear margins so waiting to find out what further treatment I need, my mdt meeting isn't until early july so more waiting! X

Thanks lyndsey for replying it some times feels a little lonely in your own thoughts, your right waiting is horrible but as women we dont like waiting for anything ha well I dont anyway.
Iv got constant back ache anyway feels like im due on all the time, so if it feels like that after lletz ill be ok
Did u drive yourself home after just wondering if I will be ok to and whether I will
Be ok to go to work next day haha blimey it feels like I don’t know anything
Hope your results come soon xx

I toke my other half with me, and he drove home. I wouldn't of been able to, although that was more due to me having a little funny turn with the anesthetic. In the leaflet that came with my appointment it advised not to drive home. 

I did have the next day of work, i just felt completely wiped out, but I had got of a over night flight home from holiday and gone straight to the hospital for my appointment, so think it was more that. 

Everyones different after Lletz, I had cramps for a few days, very old coloured discharge and then gritty black. I bleed very little, although I have just had my first period since and it was much heavier than normal.

Do you have a date for your Lletz yet?



Yes on the 28th this month 

Did u have any symptoms? Xx