Urgent LLETZ results?

sorry, didn't know how to title this. I called the colp clinic today as I was wondering about my grading. They didn't tell me after the smear or colp what CIN I was or even if I was low or high grade so I haven't really knowN what to expect with the LLETZ results. The lady at the clinic said she couldn't interpret the drs notes but she said my results should be back this week as they were marked as urgent & usually those resultra come back in 2 weeks, but with the bank holiday it'll be closer to 3. I told her I was expecting a 4-6 week wait and she said usually it is but mine were urgent. Now I'm panicked as to why????

I've seen quite a few people saying there results we're back at the hospital within two weeks. I wouldn't worry it's probably just to not take any chances/risks. Fingers crossed your results are back soon and they're fine x

Thank you. Just had a call back from the Dr and she said the reason I don't have a grading is because the abnormalities are in the cells underneath and not the cells on the outside. Anyone know what that means?

From a quick Google it would seem this would indicate a low grade change rather than high grade so CIN1/2?

Hi Lemoncat11

I think that means that the abnormality you have is CGIN which is what I had which (I think) means the abnormal cells are further up inside the cervic as opposed to around the exterior of it.  This doesn't come in grades in the same way that CIN does (i.e. CIN 1, CIN2, CIN3), it is just classed as CGIN.  I'm only basing that on my experience though so others may be able to offer more information.  Hope you get your results back soon. x

That makes sense from what she said. Hopefully my results will be in soon and i can close this chapter. thank you for your reply :) x