After lletz

hi, I'm new to this and am finding the group such a huge support. I had high grade dy..... at smear, total shock, but scared as i'd put off smear for a while as I was pregnant. I went for a coloscopy last week and have had minor cramps, bleeding and odd watery discharge, like minor waters breaking. i don't use towels normally so am finding that quite challenging. now I guess this is a waiting game, uncertainty is awful. I'd really love to chat to anyone who is going through or been through similar, thanks for reading.

Hi, I'm new too and have had a LLETZ at my colposcopy which discovered CGIN. I've got another one in August. I don't really understand what it all means, but I've been feeling quite stressed about it as I don't feel like it's been properly explained. Any way no advise, but I just wanted to say hi and I'm in the same boat.

Hi. I too recently had a colposcopy and LLETZ for CIN 3 and I'm waiting for results. The waiting and unknowing is stressful and making me anxious. Sorry no advise, but nice to know others are is same situation.

Hi! Thanks so much, it's oddly reassuring that other people are going through the same thing, and feel exactly the same about no knowing what it all means! It's like a rollercoaster. did the dr who performed lletz give any indication or was it a case of the waiting game? 

Thank you. The whole lletz colposcopy appointment is a bit of a blur now, I know the dr said we'll take a look and if I can treat it are you happy to go ahead. But don't remember if she'd said CIN at all. I'm starti to feel a bit rubbish as well as far as side effects are concerned. Thanks for coming back to me though 

It was a case of waiting I'm afraid. I waited 3 weeks I think. The waiting is very hard!