Very confused and fed up.

Hi to all you lovely ladies.

I was after some advice or similar experiences if possible please.

I had a smear on 8th oft to receive the results back very quickly informing me of high grade dyskaryosis. An appointment was made immediately for a colposcopy (3 days later) I had the colposcopy and lletz at the same time, doctor didn’t really say a great deal afterwards. My results were back in 13 days which were CIN3 and being taken to a MDT meeting the following week. The sister called the day after MDT and explained that they had removed all of the abnormal cells in the cervix but there were no clear margins and abnormal cells were also found in the canal in 2 of the glands so to go back and have a second lletz treatment and biopsies.
I went today for my second lletz and the doctor said this was very rare to have both types of cells??? And also to have 2 lots of lletz in 3 weeks! Hysterectomy maybe required and I asked will this probably be the end of it and he totally avoided the question.

Any ladies have any similar experience or advice please?

Thank you in advance.xxxxxxxx

Hi my consultant said the hysterectomy will get rid of the cells but will have to have vault smears there smears of our vayjays the joys, I have an app with the consultant on the 17th about my hysterectomy is there any questions I could ask fo you at my app as our cases very simular but I don't have cin just glandular and something called SMILE trust me to be awkward xxx 


Similar situation here. Had 1st LLETZ 9th November and booked in on the 4th December for 2nd LLETZ. After abnormal smear. 1st ever one age 24.

I had a phone call from the hospital saying I'm calling to warn you that you will be recieving a letter to come back in as results show your situation has spread but it really hasn't made any sense to me? Don't know wether to be worried or not?