Feeling anxious, waiting for results

Had my first abnormal pap on Aug 3, which came back with ASC-H, AGC, and HPV+ (neg for 16/18). My paps have all been normal previously and I had the vaccine so definitely a shock as I'm only 30yo. 

Had a colposcopy and ECC this past Wednesday, the gyn said I can expect results in a week but her first impressions were “not great, expect treatment of some form.” Just read her note on their electronic records system which states they took biopsies at 5/7/11 and there were punctuations. She left her bottom open with impressions as “high grade lesions indicating..” with no ending. Definitely freaking out

Hi Amanda

I'm sorry you are going through this. There is really not much anyone can say right now but try not to jump to conclusions.

The main thing is if there is something going on its been found and you will be treated. 

Let us know how you get on XXX