Nervous for results following last year

Nervous waiting for my smear results after last year.

Tested positive for high-risk HPV (non 16/18) and atypical endocervical cells and ASC-H. Ended up having a colposcopy, which I found highly uncomfortable with 4 biopsies. After the colpo, she said it didn’t look good. All came back ok and ultimately they treated me with antibiotics. Was surprised given her visual exam and thoughts.

Went in for my smear this year and immediately my doctor said my cervix looked angry and she wasn’t even sure sample would be acceptable because I was bleeding so much just from her touching it. Thought it might be an ectropion, but she couldn’t really tell. Have been having abnormal bleeding the past couple months and pain with sex, so I just feel ready to know what is going on.

Waiting for results is torturous, I hope you hear soon. Positives are you got good results a year ago and an ectropion would certainly explain the symptoms. It’s nerve racking though and until you know what you’re dealing with it’s hard not to worry. My last biopsy revealed glandular changes so I’m currently awaiting further biopsy results.

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I agree completely that colposcopies are not comfortable and I found the biopsies very painful and did not receive any freezing. I feel for you and how difficult it is to be waiting to find out what’s next and what the results are. Sending patience and good vibes your way.