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Good Afternoon :)

i am new to this sight and im just looking for advice and kind words. In december i found out that my pap was abnormal and i have high grade cells. I went in for a colposcopy a few weeks later and it wasnt a very comfy thing for me to go through after waitng 2 weeks for my results and nearly pulling my hair out the results where inconclusive. so now i must go in for another colposcopy this month. im very afraid of the results im young and never thought this is what id be going through at the age of 24. i know many people say that there is such a small chance its the c word but i cant help if my nerves get the best of me..... im hoping to know my true results soon. I dont like to wait makes me feel like its forming the more time i just sit and wait for the results. I hope that this colposcopy will go smooth like the first and actually give me some clear information about whats going on with me. i have never been through anything like this nor have i known anyone that has gone through this. im over this waiting game would just like to know so i can move past this.

i appreciate you listening to me whine i hope you all have a wonderful day :)



Pleasdon't day whine 

You are just concernedI feel the same as you, I am so scared had my first smear and it came back high cells was found, I am booked in for a colposcopy next week and am so nervous, I hate the waiting about to and would just like to know it's the worse part, and I know people have said to me that there is high chance I haven't got it but it doesn't stop me from being scared and wording about everything xxxIi hope you are okay x


The colposcopy is nothing to worry about it was very fast and easy especially if your comfy with your doctor. The only problem i had is that im shy with being exposed lol. Yes lots of people including the doctor tell me that the chance of having it is so low that i should not worry. Also if i do have it if i catch it early i can get rid of it and everything should be fine. I hope you dont have to wait to long after your colposcopy and i hope everything goes well with your situation!!