Fed up!!!

Hi , purely ranting really . Had an abormal smear which was moderate dyskaryosis  , went for colposcopy to which doc says it looks fine to me , defo not cancer and doesn't understand why I'm there. Takes one biopsy anyway which comes back as CIN 2 and 3 . So now I have to have a LLETZ under general on 29th . Part of me thinks my doctor put false hope of it all being a bloody mistake and yet part of me is thankful he did that 1 biopsy ... either way I'm so down . I cant sleep , getting like 5 hours a night. I terrified of being under GA but he wont do it any other way so I got told at preop and im just fed up and wish this wasnt happening to me and my family . It just f'ing sucks 


And thank you xx

Why the GA ... I had my lletz for high grade cgin with a local ?


id ask why 

Because I was so anxious during colposcopy it was all tight and cervix is quite far back so will make it easier for him I assume xx

Try not to worry, I begged them to put me to sleep & they wouldn’t.. the needle will go in and you’ll be out in 15 seconds then before you know it you’ll be awake in recovery. 

It’s not pleasant and it’s an awful, worrying time. I’m also making myself ill with the stress but hopefully it’ll all be over soon and life can go back to normal xx 

I think it's all just scary , thoughts running through my mind constantly like what if they find cancer what if they dont get it all ... all questions I know can be answered but the answer to them are just as scary as I dont think I could cope going through this again. I cant have anymore children anyway so I'm hoping i can ask about getting a hysterectomy but who knows . I hope your treatment is going as well as it can xx

It is soo scary! 


I had been told it’s very rare for the CIN2/3 to be cancer & so many people have it and have cells removed at some point. It’s just abnormal cells present and they can’t be sure if they will or will not progress So they remove them. I was told mine actually HAD been BUT it was all removed with LLETZ in one treatment. My friend works in the clinic and she was very shocked as she’s never known it before it’s that rare.


LLETZ is usually very successful at removing all abnormal cells and most people won’t require any further treatment after.


Hysterectomy is something you could ask about but it probably won’t be required. 


its easier said than done but just try not to worry, it WILL be all over soon! Xx