hi ladies... i found out monday i have cin3..I need to have the lletz treatment but i will be put to sleep for the procedure..When i had the colposcopy the lady lookin after me said she wasnt seeing anything that points to cancer..but i am terrified..She had me booked in for April 29th but rang yesterday and changed it to May 20...Im worried now that as its being put off for a month what if it turns cancerous...im one of lifes biggest worriers...If anyone has any advice i really would appreciate it  :) x

Hi dawnieb12. I know how you feel I was in the same place as you in Feb. And I felt the same when I saw cin 3, I thought of the worse. And the fear I felt was one I have never felt before. I had biopsy took and it took 3 weeks for results to come back. The waiting was the hardest part, and I ended up living at my mams the whole time as I couldn't function at home alone. So I know what you are going through I really do. I know its not easy not too worry, but you are in the best hands now, and I am sure they wouldn't leave you till may if they though anything else was going on. I ended up having lettz done in march, and its really not that bad once you are numbed up you don't feel anything, and if you need any more info on it drop in and ask all the ladies on here are brill and understand how you feel. when i was going through all the test and waiting times, I found it one of the hardest times of my life. You are not alone on how you feel its only natural to worry. Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.. Take care love sky x x

Thanks for ur reply Sky Smile hope you are doing well...Yeah the worst part is waiting especially for something which could be very serious.. I worry so much as i have 3 beautiful daughters who i want to see grow up into beautiful ladies.. I think once i have it done i wont worry as much..Im so glad that i had that smear done even if this is the worst part of it..Sometimes it really sucks being a female Laughing xx

Hi again, I think having kids makes us worry more and harder for us, i have one daughter and when going through biopsys and waiting for results, i couldn’t look at her with out nearly bursting in to tears I found it really hard too. Thinking off you and do let us know how u get on.

Luv sky x x x

Hi Dawnie...I'm writing this from the hospital as we speak as I've just had a colposcopy under GA! I was found to have cin3 & cgin3 last september so I can relate to your fear. I had my initial colpo under a local but I had to have another in december. I had to wait 4 months for any results/see consultant for next stage & the waiting was horrific . All sorts went through my mind but I knew that if it was anything serious they wouldn't have kept me waiting at all, so waiting a month sounds like a good sign. As my abnormalities went higher into the cervical canal I've had a colpo under GA. Everyone was lovely & it was good not feeling what they were doing lol. A nice sleep after. One thing i didn't realise was that they iodined the area & put a loose pad between my legs so when I eventually got up I thought I'd been bleeding only to find it was the brown iodine stain lol. I'm just waiting to be discharged & be pampered/mollycoddled by mum (I couldn't be left at home alone due to the GA.) Waiting for the paperwork/having canula out is taking longer than the procedure. Dawnie, you will worry right up until the day of the colpo, & then once it's over, start worrying waiting for the results, BUT this site is amazing & so many women directly & indirectly have helped me through this, and can help you! You're having the treatment so that's the best thing you can do for your kids. Good luck.

Thanks so much for your lovely replies I'm due to have the lletz done in the morning.. I'm soo nervous but have to say the fear I did have is almost a distant memory I just want it over and done with and I now no that doing this is helping prevent cancer in years to come which is a great thing xx