fed up :(

Hello. Well I am feeling abit down in the dumps today :( was meant to be having my lletz treatment on monday 13th but as they forgot to book me in for a pre op assesment I have got another 2week wait now :( as they cant fit me in at the hospital near me this week. Coped pretty well upto now bit today my head and feelings are all over the place.After my smear test I got a call from my gp saying it was cancer and I was devastated then I went for my colposcopy and the dr there said it was CGIN and that he couldnt believe my dr had told me that as he couldnt understand where he had got that from so that made me feel loads better and now I am back to being scared and worried again as I dont know who I am meant to believe :( x

Hi Rachylou,

I know it must be really difficult to have a date and have that taken away but you need to think that they wouldn't of moved your appointment back by 2 weeks if they believed this was cancer.

That's awful that your doctor told you that it was CC with absolutely no proof of this whatsoever. I can't begin to imagine what much have gone through your head at that point just to be told that it wasn't the case.

I know its easier said that done but try to stay positive hun :)

Thank you for your reply :) 

my letter back from the colposcopy said it was high grade CGIN so just abit confused with it all. Rubbish isnt it all this xx

From what i've read, CGIN is abnormalities in the glandular tissue and i've read on one site that high grade CGIN is equivalent to CIN3, so good thing is, not cancer! :)

I know its horrible, I hate the waiting. I had my colposcopy just over 4 weeks ago and not heard anything back yet.

I hope the next couple of weeks go as quick as possible for you xx


Aww thank you for replying toe :) love this site its so helpful and everyone is so lovely think I spend more time on here than on facebook these days haha.


good luck with your results hun xxd

Haha me too! This site has been a god-send these last few weeks, keeping me much calmer and making me feel a lot more positive of the outcomes.xx