worried again cin3

Sorry just need somewhere to let out my fears and everyone has been so lovely on here before. I don't know where these feelings of worry have suddenly come from again. I am in the third month of six waiting for my next smear after my third lletz for cin3.

I wrote to the hospital a couple of months ago to get some questions answered (I am terrible for forgetting to ask questions when I am there) one of the questions was asking if any of the Margins on my lletz biopsies had come back clear, to my surprise they explained that all my biopsies had clear margins yet I have always be lead to believe that I was having repeated treatments due to cells being missed. Has anyone else had this? For some reason I just cant get this letter out of my head. They did say if I was worried they could bring the smear forward three months (now) but the way I see it is that it takes time to heal and regenerate the cells (if that is what is happening) and if nothing is picked up now they may but me straight back on to annual smears, when in fact the abnormal cells may be detected in a few months!?!?!?!?

Any thoughts/comments very gratefully received


Hey lovely

I have had two LLETZ, the first had clear margins so I can only assume the cells came aback again. It is hard because most people seem to be cleared after one treatment! My check up is two months away and like you the feelings of worry are slowly starting to creep back in - its really horrible! 

I am not sure was advise I can give but just wanted to reach out as I know how hard it is! I really hope your next smear is clear? Have they discussed what options you have if it comes back abnormal again?

Lots of hugs


Thank you so much for your reply and sorry your going through the same situation. I sometimes just feel so alone through this (there are so few of us with recurrent issues - which is good) and now and again it gets me! Treatment wise they have said there could be a chance of a fourth lletz but more than likely under GA. Keep in touch and let me know how things go at your next appointment. Thanks again


Debs x