Inconclusive results!?!??

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone saw my last post but I got the LLETZ treatment for a second time at the end of July and was advised that I needed to come back in to 'discuss next steps'. I was really unsure of what was going on and wasn't even advised at the time that she had done the treatment until I called afterwards which I thought was really bad! 

I was completely panicking myself wondering was there a reason why she had to do it there and then, as they had to a few years back after getting CIN3. I called the hospital to say I was really worried and had to wait until 11th September for my appt. She told me that the results were inconclusive but that I had to come back in on this date to discuss. Does anyone know what this means? I have tried searching for it but I am getting a few different things back. I assume it just means that they haven't found anything positive or negative? But also wondering why they would have had to do the treatment if there was no need when we are trying to conceive!? 

Any help/advice from anyone or anyone who has had this same thing would be really appreciated,


I just wanted to also add that the nurse on the phone said they were bringing my case up at some meeting they have....That also sounded quite scary to me. Is this routine does anyone know? Thanks so much, xx


Hope you're ok - its hard enough to get your head around everything but something like this is always frustrating! I cant help on the inconclusive results but regarding the meeting - they seem to be quite common. If there are cases which are a bit unusual, or when pathology results are totally different to smears they get the people involved together to discuss what should be done next. Seems to be totally standard procedure, rather than mean its anything to really worry about 


Thanks so much for getting back to me. That's what I was really hoping because I know that I had CIN2 last time I had my colposcopy and she said something about the smear being clear or something!? So possibly it's just a case to discuss what happens next considering they were conflicting. I really do wish they would explain things properly to you though. As you said it's hard enough getting your head around everything but when things are left to guess work the mind is a powerful thing and can run away with you sometimes! Will let you know how it goes anyway. Only 2 weeks and 5 days left to go (not that I'm counting or anything ;) A glass of wine or two might be needed to calm the nerves down I think!


They call you in so they can discuss what you want to do

And discuss options -  

Its hard but try not to worry it could be good news

Lisa x

Thanks very much Lisa. Yeh, I guess I'm just worrying about what the options could be but at least I don't have too much longer now to wait, two weeks from tomorrow and I'll be put out of my misery...

Thanks so much for your replies girls and I'll keep you updated!