Second call back..

Hi Ladies,

I was hoping someone could just help put my mind at ease.. I recently had to go for a colposcopy after several abnormal smears. Turns out I had CIN3. A couple of weeks later I had the loop treatment and was told most peoples smears come back as normal afterward. Ive just had my follow up smear results which have come back as abnormal again and I have another hospital appointment. Im sure im just being silly but i cant stop worrying and my appointment isnt til the 25th June.  I also dont know any of my mums side of the family so dont know what the medical history there is!


Chantelle :-)



I know how it feels to get an abnormal smear after having LLETZ - its a horrible feeling so massive hugs to you. My first smear after LLETZ for CIN3 came back as "mild" the second came up as "borderline". I had a biopsy which showed "moderate" so ended up having another LLETZ.

Even if the follow up is abormal you may not need more treatment, however they want to see you even if its just slightly abnormal just to have a check. Whatever is going on it will have been caught really early so try not to panic. There is a few of us out there in the same boat!

Did you have clear margins after the first treatment?




Thank you for your reply. I had clear margins. I am being silly worring, its just it doent feel like you get enough info really! My appointment isnt for a while so ive put myself on the cancellation list so I can hopfully get seen quicker! The waiting is not good!!

Hi Chonty, I completely understand how you feel, I am going through the same thing. you re not being silly at all, it is the lack of niformation that is the worst thing. the last time i was so traumatised by the whole thing i just wanted to get out of there. my next colposcopy is booked in for the 30th june, i wll be taking someone with me, one of the loverly ladies on here suggested writing any questions down which i am going to do. i will be thinking of you hun, let us know how you get on. bug hugs. x

Smear  Test 08/10/13

Smear Results 14/10/13 High Grade Dyskaryosis

Colposcopy Lletz 05/11/13

Colposcopy Results 10/12/13 Cin 3, treated and all clear.

Follow up Smear 6 month - 01/05/14

Smear results 12/05/14 Low grade Dyskaryosis

Colposcopy Book 30/06/14