Fearing the worst

Hi, I am new here and needed someone to talk too.
5 years ago I had CIN1 which was picked up in colposcopy as my smear was found to be normal.
Any way fast forward 4 years and that’s when my symptoms started again. Didn’t think much of them as the bleeding after intercourse only happened a few days after my period and didn’t have any more until the next month. So I just put it down to hormones. In June of this year I bled again but this time it was 7 days after period. As a result I took myself to the GP and asked to be checked. She looked at the cervix and said it doesn’t look as if there was anything to worry about, but she would take swabs just to make sure there was no infection. Results came back all clear so my GP referred me to the gynaecologist.
I saw the gynaecologist on the 19th august. That was fun (not) as I had 2 students in with me. The doctor looked at my cervix and said she could see mild changes and that after swabbing I started to bleed. (Thanks for that love). The doctor arranged an internal scan for the 24th September. Which the results were all clear. So then she arranged colposcopy for the following week. Had to change the date as it clashed with my sons appointments and the time of the month.
So I am booked in for the 1st of November. My problem is, is that over the past couple of days after sex the bleeding hasn’t been minimal anymore. 2 days ago my hubby freaked out. He looked down at me and said baby, your bleeding. It’s not a spotting amount, it’s like my period had just begun again. But stopped 12 hours later. The same happened today. I have a lot of pain (I am very aware of my body and what it’s doing) on the cervix when it moves and the other day felt like on the wall as well.
I just can’t help but think the worst. My husband and kiddies mean the world to me.
What would happen if I bleed like this during colposcopy?

Hi Kitty23,

I didn't want to read and not reply. I am due a colposcopy on the 2nd of November(was supposed to be this week,unfortunately hospital didn't book it until this week as was requested for this week) I have been bleeding since July and have had altogether 1 Dr 1 specialist 2 nurses examining me resulting in total of 2 hours in 2 week which is as you describe extremely painful. I have all the pain and symptoms you're experiencing and a couple more light headed and dizziness/passing out (I don't know if you have that) well like you I am worried about the colposcopy and I have not been told anything about it except that it makes it difficult while bleeding. Yet that's why I have an appointment there! Thanks to the wonderful ladies on here I have read there are numerous things they can do as well as a sort of vacuum to help get rod of excess. So as scary as it sounds I hope this is true and hope they can do this for you too.

Let me know how things go.

Big hugs xx


Ps I'm sorry for the long winded message and that I didn't really answer your question. Just wanted you to know that I am in the same position you are. Sorry couldn't answer Kitty


just wanted to add that i went for my colposcopy on the first day of my period and they still managed to do it , if there's not too much blood, like a heavy flow - they can still have a look x


How did things go on the 1St? We're they able to do it? How did you get on hun?