Trying not to worry

Hi ladies, 

after a little information, advice, support?? 

In june 2011 I had cin3/cis. I didn't rest properly afterwards and haemorrhaged badly. 

I went for my regular check on Monday 7th April 2014 and bled on contact. She asked if my periods were regular and they haven't been since October. I have also bleed a few times after sex. My nurse said it'll take up to two weeks for my results but that she wants to book me an appointment at the colposcopy clinic regardless. I am now really starting to worry. 

Do you think this is cause for concern or am I fretting over nothing?? 

Thank you in advance. X x 

Hi i can't offer you any advice as i haven't been in this situation but i didn't want to not comment. I am sure everything will turn out to be ok. Think positively that they are sending you to be checked. Think how you would be feeling if they just dismissed it. There are many reasons for bleeding after sex. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck xx


Thank you for your reply. When do you get your results?? How are you feeling?? The waiting is really hard isn't it. My mind is racing thinking about all possibilities. Google is not always a good tool. Lol. 

My family and friendskeep telling me not to worry but after how quickly I progressed last time it's hard not to worry this time. The majority of my thoughts are that everything is fine, but I keep having a little panic of other possibilities. I just keep thinking about my children and what the future holds. Yes I know I'm incrediblylucky to already have children and I will always be grateful for this. 

I wish I could switch my mind off. 

Hiya didint want to read and not comment, your doctor is being sensible by sorting out a colposcopy

and not dismissing your worries and concerns as I know many GP's do, iv had bleeding after sex for some time bleeding between periods back pain leg pain stomach oain

all symptoms of CC however I have or should say had CIN3 I had Lletz last week, please try not to worry and thin. Positive believe me I know how hard this is to, you've came to the

right place xxx

I am very grateful for my nurse refering me back to Colposcopy. I'm just trying not to think the worst. Ive had a lot more sharp pains after this smear.... Is that common??? Not had it after any of my other 6 monthly checks.


Really aching today :o( And have needed to pee loads as it hurts to have a full bladder. Not normal for me.