Worried after first colposcopy

I had a colposcopy last Thursday and had a biopsy taken the Dr said It looks like cin 2 or 3 Im now stressing over waiting for the results as everything it was my first smear so didn’t know what to expect I had a small amount of spotting afterwards as was advised about but I’ve now started bleeding quite heavily and am having clotting it’s like a mucusy period (sorry tmi) in of which I have never experienced before so not sure if this is normal or could it be due to the colposcopy? I don’t really have anyone to ask about these kind of things has anyone else experienced anything like this? X

Hi Becky, I had mine done last Friday and they took two biopsies, mine apparently look like mild changes and I've had the same pattern of bleeding as you since then. My period was due to come this Saturday but as the bleeding has increased, spotting for two or three days and then heavier bleeding, I was thinking my period might have been brought on a few days early by the stress, but seeing as you've experienced the same thing, maybe it is just down to the colposcopy. This is my first colposcopy too so I don't know. Hopefully someone more experienced will be along soon to enlighten us!

Hi Amy thanks for your message it has made me feel less anxious to know it's not just me I was really starting to worry as not had bleeding like this before I hope it all goes OK for you I think it's the waiting for the results as it takes so long it's hard not to worry I am so glad I found this site so I can speak to others so I don't feel so alone in it all let me know how u get on and if u ever wanna chat about it x