Excessive bleeding during colposcopy

Hi, I had my colposcopy last week. The consultant said they could see my cervix was very inflamed, was friable and could see why I had experienced bleeding during sex as there was evidence of it trying to heal itself and reopening.

He went straight for a biopsy and said to the nurse that it needed to be urgent and would give me the results in a week. At this point (after the biopsy) we realised I was excessively bleeding and it was literally pouring out of me to the point I was uncontrollably shaking.

I then required cauterisation to stop the bleeding. In truth I’m really quite worried. My smear had said I was hpv positive and active cell changes were detected.

My question is, is the cauterisation the same thing as the LLETZ treatment or could that still be required? Is that particular treatment effective for large areas or is it a first step type thing?

I am worried, am still light bleeding 5 days on and based upon what he said there’s obviously something going on which requires sorting.

Any advice gratefully received. Thank you for reading.

Hi, how are you doing lochfyne? Just following up as had similar symptoms as you. Hope you’re better/well Xx