Cin 3 awaiting lletz under ga- worried about symptoms

I wonder if anyone can help.  I was referred by my gp to colposcopy after I had pain and bleeding between periods. They took biopsy said they could see abnormal area that was bleeding easily and took a punch biopsy. A week later the hosp caltled to say I have advanced cin 3 which needs lletz treatment which I will have under ga as colposcopy was so painful and to ensure that margins are clear. She also said that my case was being referred to their next mdt meeting on 17th Aug. I am just really worried as I have such bad pelvic/back pain. Bleeding all the time (also pain and bleeding when going to the loo sorry if tmi!) Can having Cin 3 cause all these symptoms? Any advice welcomed! Xx

Has anyone got any advice/thoughts on this?. Am even more worried now. Xx

Hello Ziggy2 To be honest I am not really sure, but you sound so worried bless ya, have you checked the nhs website, not sure if this will help, The colposcopy is ok its basically an examination of the cervix a bit like a smear i had one in 2015 worried like mad then it was really quick and easy,  i have since had the lletz procedure which i found terrifying but i had no information about it.  Make sure you take someone with you when you have the Lletz treatment and have someone at home after to look after you.  I am not sure about the bleeding etc as I have not had this prior to the treatment.  Is it worth also ringing you docs and speak to someone they should be able to help you and at least talk about it all.  I wish you all the best and hope everything goes ok for you. sending hugs xxxx



sorry just realised you have had the colposcopy. x