I suppose this is hello!

I have wandered on this site for a few weeks now. 

On my birthday (23.6.15) at 34 I had my routine smear done. My results came back with high grade dyskaryosis and in the next few days I prepared for the coloposcopy.  At this appointment I had LLETZ and was told to await my results in the next few weeks.

13 days after this (while on holiday in Devon) I haemorrhaged, in total losing around 2000mls of blood. Information on this is really scare and i'm just wondering if there is anyone with experiences? 

My partner has been amazing, we've only been together for around a year so it's all new. In fact while the cauterised me he was with me - I've never felt so embarassed afterwards.  I was literally covered in blood.  I have three children and he has two - so we have a big family, my children are all older (15, 13 and 12) so they are aware of the situation and have been understanding to a point too. 


Hi Claire

Oh gosh you poor thing, especially happening whilst on holiday. Glad you have a good support network around you. Have you spoken to the GP about this? Was the haemorrahage related to the lletz at all? Hope you're okay now and fingers crossed the lletz results are all good xXx

Aug 2013 - turned 25, clear smear result
Jan 2015 - smear taken as part of routine 'full body' health check-up - results show HPV 16 high risk, and CIN 1 confirmed
Jan 2015 - colposcopy, CIN 2 confirmed, biopsy taken - results inconclusive, return in 6 months for another colposcopy
July 2015 - 6 mth repeat colposcopy - abnormal cells seen, biopsy taken, and smear
July 2015 - smear results show HPV 16 moderate changes, biopsy result inconclusive (again) - lletz carried out. 
Awaiting results, due in 2 weeks


The haemorrhage was due to the LLETZ, when the scab comes away (10-14 days after) bleeding increases, mine just couldn't stop. 

I've not seen my GP yet, I'm just wanting to go back to work! I feel so drained at the moment.

I hope everything goes well for you, it seems you've had a rough ride x