Heavy bleeding what happens in colposcopy?


i am new to the forum and posted yesterday about awaiting the date for the colposcopy following My GP examining me and finding my cervix was inflamed and bled all the time.


I am concerned that it is highly likely I will bleed very heavily during the procedure given how I have bled after sex and bleeding during the examination. 


I was wondering if anyone has a similar experience to my in terms of the blood issue and if they still get a proper look during the procedure if there is heavy bleeding, if they can't what do they do?

Also not really sure what to expect, do they treat u on the day if they see things and do they usually share their thoughts on the day?


Thanks for your help. I'm trying to focus on practically and mentally preparing myself instead of Google mania and convincing myself of the worst.



Hiya I have no experience on the blood issue however I recently had a colposcopy and lletz treatment on the same day. From what I've gathered if they can see the cells and they think that they can easily remove them then they do the procedure there and then. There are people who can be called back or they take biopsies and leave treatment until the biopsies are back, I'm not too sure on this route though as I haven't had them done. I just went, he put iodine on, saw the cells, said he could do treatment there and then, eager to get it over with I told him to do whatever he needed to lol now the long wait for the results :( hope whatever happens it's good news for you :) I bled quite a lot during the procedure but they have a suction thing that they use to get rid of the blood so that they can still see what they are doing, not sure if they could use this whilst examining you? I was petrified but I felt silly afterwards as it really was nowhere near as bad as imagined. Sorry if this comment is a bit jumbled up btw trying to type quickly before school run :) best of luck xx

Hi Kimmy,

i had a colposcopy on the 2nd day of my period (I rang before hand to try and change the appointment but they said it didn't matter). I know the consultant had a bit of a struggle with solution bit took a biopsy and sent me on my way (I didn't need a lletz as only Cin 1). X

Hi Kimmy

I also can't help on the bleeding issue (I'm sure I have read comments from other ladies with just this problem though, so I am sure someone will come along who can answer that one)

Regarding treatment on the day, it probably depends on what they see. In my case, my smear was borderline but the consultant said that she thought CIN1 or CIN2 (that's mild or moderate cell changes), so she just took some biopsies on the day. The reason being that if the results came back CIN1,  they wouldn't treat it, but would monitor it as this level of cell change can revert back to normal on its own. If it was CIN2 they would treat it. They don't want to treat anyone unnecessarily, hence the biopsies to be sure.

The biopsies came back CIN2 (moderate changes), so I will be going back for LLETZ treatment soon.

My consultant was very happy to answer my questions on the day. I only know her guess at CIN level based on the visual inspection becuase I asked her what she thought it looked like. It's probably a good idea to ask, as it makes the wait for results a bit less stressful if you already have a fairly good idea of what they're likely to be. It's definitely worth thinking about what you want to ask ahead of your appointment.

It might also be worth phoning the clinic/hospital when you get your appointment through, to tell them that you are 'a bleeder' and also it will then give you the opportunity to ask them to explain a bit what their normal practice is regarding treatment, because I think it can differ from place to place. My colposcopy unit encourages you to give them a ring if you've got any questions.

I know from responses to my other posts (I put one up after being offered the option of general anaesthetic for the LLETZ) that if there is a medical reason that you bleed heavily at the slightest provocation, they might need to perform any treatment that you need under GA anyway, in which case they wouldn't be able to do it on the day. Again, hopefully one of the lovely ladies who suffers with the same problem can probably advise you on that one.

Best of luck and I hope that your appointment puts your mind at rest.

x x

Hey there,

I too have a very temperamental cervix that likes to bleed! I bled heavily during my colposcopy and they still managed to get 4 biopsies and a few photos (from the camera/telescope) so I'm sure they'll manage. Best of luck, you'll be fine! <3