Evidence of HPV - Shock!

I have had one abnormal smear test  before - mild abnormality which resolved no problem. I have also had a minor op which consisted of diathermy to cervix cells to help solve problem of excesssive discharge (no infections found or abnormalities).

This current smear test was a shock - just borderline abnormalities but this time they tested for HPV and found some evidence!

Have been invited for a colposcopy (which I'm fine with) but am just shocked they didn't find anything previously! Have been with my husband for over 10 years and didn't realise HPV could suddenly just appear!

Can't help worrying and stressing now.

Are you able to have the immunisations once you have been diagnosed with HPV or do you have to wait till you are clear of it?

Am just looking for some reassurance as you ladies all seem to have gone through tough times and have come out the other side.


Hey, no you cannot get the vaccine once you already have hpv. I guess you could have it to prevent catching other hpv types, yet that wouldn't be effective as you already have the high risk hpv. The reason you wouldn't have known about it before would be due to the fact they have only in the last 2 years started testing smears for it. When you had the bad cells in the past that would havr been down to the hpv. Please do not question your marriage as you have only just found out. Truth is it could have been in your system for say 10 Years, yet due to them not testing for it before it's just never been mentioned, plus your body has the capability to cope with the hpv and sometimes your body can't and it becomes active Again. Xx