This may seem silly to those who have had to cope with worse but i dont know where else to turn to for answers. I am 25 nearing 26 and I recently received a letter informing me i have abnormal cells and signs of HPV on my cervix and have been booked for a Colposcopy. I understand that this is routine to check for any pre-cancerous cells but i am particularly concerned as it is my first PAP test and that these cells may have been present in my cervix for a long time. I have been reading into Cervical cancer and HPV and have a few concerns about this. The first being that as i am made aware how the HPV is transmitted i now know that i must have had this virus for well over a year because that is when i was last sexually active which then leads me on to believe that as a result of the HPV having been in my body for some time that there could be chances of it having developed into pre-cancerous cells already. I have also had a baby 8 months previous and although its said to be rare i worry about having passed this onto my son during childbirth. I am aware of procedures and what is routine and normal with regards to testing but this is causing me great upset and anxiety because i fear the worst and because as i say its my first PAP test i fear that abnormal cells may have been present for some time. I also spoke to my GP asking about if its possible to have the HPV vaccine who informed me it isnt routinely offered which i also understand however in certain cases i am wondering if this available?

I have my test in less than 2 weeks and since i had the results i have done nothing but worry and get upset especially thinking about HPV being passed on through childbirth. I have spoken to several people now and some have made me feel even worse because health professionals have used the term "cure" when i asked about my results and further tests which makes me think that there may be cause for concern with regards to my result and that i may be somewhat left in the dark about the full extent of it til my Colposcopy. I am also suffering lately from heavy periods and clotting and a lot of pain which feels as though it is near my left ovary and also pain in the lower back which has been there since i can remember. Also if i have been called in less than 2 weeks from my PAP does this mean that my results may be a cause for concern because i have heard it can take weeks and weeks? This is first PAP test and i am nearing 26 so this is all new to me and i can only imagine the anxiety another abnormal result will cause. Even if the result is normal i have the anxiety over it returning as pre-cancerous later on in life between the ages 30-39 as informed this is the most common age of development from pre-cancerous cells forming from HPV. Some information on HPV is also concerning as genital warts are described as low risk abnormalities however as i do not and never have had warts yet the HPV is present then i worry mine will be of higher risk grade because i have never had warts.

This is all too much to take in for me at the moment and will always be in the back of my mind now for a very long time regardless of the outcome :(

I’m going through the same. I’m nearly 25 and had my first smear last October when they were checking our a cervical cyst. Anyway they didnt collect enough cells and I had to wait 3 months for another smear. Got my results quick too and had same results as you.
They can’t book me in for colposcopy till end of march so a friend has offered to pay for me to go private. But if I need treatment I hope nhs will sort me out.
I know how scary it is. Feel free to email me to chat. My mum had the same experience and had CIN3 with cells removed successfully a few years ago.

Thank you L88 for your reply 

Its a horrible situation to be in, although i havent even got to Colposcopy yet, i only dread the worst possible outcome because im a HUGE worrier.  I thought it was the waiting that makes it all a whole lot worse but to be honest im not sure ill be able to relax even if they turn round and say theyve booked me for a follow up in 6 months and that all is ok for now, because i will always have it in the back of my mind and i will still be waiting for that PAP test for 6 months aswell so either way i feel as though that one letter has pretty much changed my life.  I am such a negative thinker which is why its all the more upsetting for me.  There have been some ridiculous thoughts going through my head, ive even broke down at the thought of it reaching the full extent.  I cant help feeling upset, everytime i look at my son i feel sad at the thought of me becoming ill and i know this sounds all dramatic but i only had my son 8 months ago so its natural in my opinion to show care and concern in that respect, i suppose i just think of it at its worst rather than the positives that i may not develop anything. 


May i ask,  has your mother had any trouble since having the cells removed?