HPV Vaccination


I’ve recently had my smear tests results back as high-grade dyskaryosis… Booked in for my colposcopy on the 30th - so not much longer to wait now! Thankfully!

This was my first smear at the age of 24 - my question is that i wasn’t given the HPV vaccination due to being pregnant at 17/18. Does this have any affect on the chances of having CC?

I’m panicking due to the fact this is my first smear and CC could have been developing over the past 9/10 years, and the fact i didn’t have this vaccination! :frowning:


Hi Jessica, 


The HPV Vaccine is give to young girls as they have most likely not contracted HPV and it prevents them from getting i think quite a few of the strains that can cause cervical cancer (about a 30% chance of developing with these types or something). If you are sexually active and have contracted HPV (please remember this is NOT an STD) the HPV vaccine is less effective. i don't know why they didn't test you for the virus and decided if you could have the HPV vaccine. 


I missed getting the HPV vaccine by 1 year (my school year was the last year that didn;t get it) - annoying. 


The cancer won't have been developing over the last 10 years, as far as I am aware it is not how cancer "works". However you could have abnormal cells (which looks like what has happened here) and there is a very simply (but not very pleasent) proceduce that will get rid of these. It was good you went for a smear when you did as it could have developed into something worse. Please remeber that having these cells doesn't mean you will get cancer there is a 30% chance or something so dont go panicing!!


Hope this sheds some light on the situation. 



Thank yoy Amy,


Yes its definitely shed some light, Its all rather confusing and worrying!


Hopefully all goes well at my colposcopy on the 30th!