HPV vaccine?

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I wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation and would be kind enough to share some advice. I am 27 and following a visit to my GP I was referred on the 2 week wait for colposcopy with biopsy at my local hosptial. This was just over a year ago and I have since been back three times for a similar procedure - each time being told I sometimes test normal on the smear but positive for high risk HPV and all times that I test positive for HPV. At my last appointment I was told that I may be able to return to the regular 3 yearly smear if my results came back as normal, howver have again recieved a letter explaining that although the smear was normal the HPV was deemed as high risk and I am to go back in 4 weeks for a further colposcopy.


Could anyone help with the following questions?


  • How can I be diagnosed as High Risk when I am told the NHS do not test which strain or number on the HPV scale my results fall into, if that is right how do they know I am high risk?
  • I asked for the accurate detail but was told the NHS cannot fund the test - has anyone in this network had this test done privately and if so would you be prepared to give me the cost detail etc.
  • Is it possible that the HPV vaccine could help? Should I pay for it privately?
  • I am told I need to boost my immune system, how can I do this?


I am concerned re: the number of follow up colposcopy's I am having to have which I am told could be every 6 months - I have read online that this can weaken the cervix and affect furture fertility - If I am to keep having to have the colposcopy but the HPV is not one of the strains that leads to cervical cancer i'm wondering if I had the test to see which strain it was if this would mean I could stop the colposcopy as i'm sure many of you agree it's not a pleasant expereince and I am so squeamish I tend to faint when they do the biopsy!


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Do not choose the HPV vaccine without doing thorough research first. Presence of various strains of HPV are very common and usually clear without problems.

There is zero evidence that Cervarix and Gardasil will ever prevent a single case of cancer. The manufacturers, GSK and Merck, only ever state they are 'intended to' or 'expected to'.

Cervarix is expected to prevent 2 strains of HPV, Gardasil 4 strains and Gardasil9 9 strains but there are over 170 strains of HPV with at least 40 involved in cancers but scientists expect other strains, potentially more lethal, to take the place of those which might be prevented by the vaccines. See Sonja Fischer peer-reviewed article 'Shift in prevalence of HPV strains post vaccination'. 

The World Health Organisation has a database of adverse drug reports at vigiaccess.org. There are over 167,900 adverse reactions in almost 73,000 reports of adverse events with this vaccine, including 280 deaths, WHO also acknowledges only 10% get reported.

What is worse there have been several reports of vaccinated girls as young as 18 developing cervical cancer. 

The Scottish government claims that "there has been a 90% reduction in HPV since the vaccines were introduced in 2008". Wrong - there 'claim' should read that there has been a reduction in HPV strains 16 & 18 but what about all of the other strains that are taking their place?

Their own cervical cancer stats on the ISD webpage show a 4 fold increase in cervical cancers for the 20-24 age group in the last 3 years reports (2012-2014). With a catch-up programme in 2008 for girls up to 18 which was completed by 2009 most of the girls in this age group by 2014  should have been vaccinated.

Furthermore the 'all-age' stats. throughout the 1990's was rapidly reducing as Pap screening approached 80% and, if that improvement had continued, cervical cancer could have been eliminated by by 2019. Instead they switched the priority to vaccination, screening has come down and cancer rates have increased! 

Feel free to contact myself or Freda Birrell at AHVID (UK association of HPV vaccine Injured Daughters)   

Hi both, 

I just wanted to let you know that we have information about the HPV vaccine here on our website that you might find useful.  If you have any queries about the vaccine or any further concerns please do feel free to call our helpline. The helpline is run by trained volunteers who are there to take your call regularly throughout the week. The number is 0808 802 8000

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Thank you so much for your reply - apologies I've only just seen it I didn't get a notification. thats all very useful and worth considering so thank you again! 


I have another colposcopy appointment this morning morning so fingers crossed.