Should I have the HPV Vaccine? HPV+


I have recently had a colposcopy due to my smear showing low grade dyskariosis. I am awaiting pathology results (4weeks). 

What are people’s thoyghts on getting the HPV vaccine even if you are HPV positive ? I’ve read a few articles online that don’t necessarily say it is pointless. I’m not sure which strain of HPV I have as my letter never noted it. However, I’m guessing the NHS only screen for high strains. I have also read the vaccine cannot clear your existing infection but can protect against the strains you don’t have.


i guess I’m just curious to get others point of view. 




I have also been thinking about this recently, I did ask to have it done after my first smear 3 years ago but the Dr wouldn't do it because they didn't know if it actually worked yet, I was prepared to risk it but anyway they wouldn't do it. I've just had my second smear & have a colposcopy tomorrow, I'm going to ask about it again because although I know it won't treat whatever hpv strain I have, my thinking is surely it is worth having to protect against other strains? 

I've heard the NHS will do it for over 25s but you have to pay privately which is about £150 but to be honest, if they say to me tomorrow it may be of benefit I'm going to do it!! Getting those smear results back is so nerve-wracking to me that if there is anything more I can physically do to protect myself I will, plus I really regret not getting it done in college I could slap teenage me!

I'm not sure if this helps but that's just my feelings on it at the moment! 



Thank you for replying sounds like we are on the same wave length. You can pay private I saw that too and I’d defo pay. This rollercoaster has taught me so much about my health and I’ll pay whatever it takes to avoid the anxiety over and over. If they put me back on 3 yearly smears I’d also pay to go yearly just for reassurance. 

Please could you let me know how you get on? If you don’t mind of course and likewise if I hear anything of significance I’ll share xx