Repeat smear normal but still have high risk HPV- back to colposcopy for me!

Well the results of my latest smear came in today and cell were NORMAL! What a great feeling. But I still need to have a colposcopy as I have High Risk HPV. Has anyone else had this? Are they just checking they've not missed anything? 


I feel OK about it right now and intend to stay that way! It's a positive thing they are keeping a close eye on me! 



Hi Lulu

It was the same for me. I had the standard letter after my follow up smear saying there were changes requiring further investigation and would need a colposcopy etc. I was so worried – but actually turns out my smear was normal, just HPV present. I wish the GPs would realise what a worry it is to get that letter. I would have much preferred a phone call, explaining why I had to back for a colp. Especially when I’d explained to the burse carrying out the smear how worried I was that it might come back abnormal!

I think they do the colp for a ‘just in case’. I was literally in the chair for about thirty seconds, she took the world’s quickest look!

Anyway, it’s back to my GP for a smear again in March for me. At the time, it was a massive relief not to have any abnormal cells, but it’s been on my mind a lot since. Can’t help worrying that pesky HPV is wreaking havoc again! Needless to say, I’m dreading March. I’m getting married next August, and I’m a bit gutted this will be hanging over me. I know, I know, it could be SO much worse…I guess I’d just hoped that I’d be back to three year checks. That said, I suppose I’d rather they were keeping an eye on it, just in case.

I think all we can do is keep healthy and keep hopeful!



thanks for your reply! I guessed they'd just be checking quickly (or I hoped that was it!) They said to expect an appointment in about 3 weeks which will tie in beautifully with my 30th birthdaySo will March be another 6 month check up or is it a year for you? I'm trying to work out how often I'm going to have to psych myself up for this! 

How exciting you are getting married- congratulations! Hopefully by then this can be put to the back of your mind and you can enjoy an amazing day! 
Lulu x



Just to echo Charlotte - my consultant said even if my next smear was normal but I tested HPV+ he will get me in just to double check

Thats the great thing with HPV testing now! As the virus is still there they just like to be really sure it isnt causing any cell changes

Congrats on the normal smear - thats great news!! 


Hi i had the same results normal smear but high risk hpv which freaked me out as never heard of it.

Think its new to everyone but with the smear being normal thats good. My coloscopy is 26th november it was about 3 weeks wait.

Congratulayions charlotte not plannin such a magical day will keep your mind busy xx

I have just had my colposcopy yesterday infact because I had high grade dyskaryosis and what caused that is hpv. Hpv is what causes cervical cancer and so even if it has not damaged your cells yet they will want to get rid of it as the potential for them to cause cell damage Ect is high so it's a good thing that they Removing the hpv and your cells are normal! The procedure wasn't very comfortable but over quick already today I almost feel normal and am glad to hopefully be shot of the lot the damaged cells and hpv that caused that!! Well fingers crossed :) hope this helps 

Thanks for your replies ladies! Hope- I haven't got a date for my colposcopy yet but hoping it's soon. Please let me know how you get on.

tibbs- I had CIN 2 & 3 removed in colposcopy back in March so I know what you went through. I'm glad to hear you're feeling well today.It's a scary process but just hearing my smear was normal this time around was such a relief. Fingers crossed for the next bit! Xx

Hi All,

I seem to have the same result.

Nov 2015 - Abnormal Smear, Colposcopy, CIN 1 no treatment required, follow up smear scheduled in one year

Nov 2016 - Smear results: "Your result idicates changes which may require further managment. Smear Negative, HPV positive."

2nd Colp 04/01/2017

Does anyone know what changes could have been detected if my smear was negative, or is this simply a form letter, and I need a colposcopy because of the HPV and my previous results? Happy holidays all!