high risk hpv

Hi all. I hope everyone is well.

I had loop treatment to removed abnormal cells back in march which came back cin1.

I had my follow up smear test last week, and result came back normal but high risk hpv.

So I have to go back for another colposcopy in three weeks. No explanation as to why or what this means.

The last time I had the smear, colposcopy and treatment it was such a stressful worrying time for me, and I really struggled with it all. Being a mum to two young children I just really struggled.

Has anyone else had this? am I right in thinking they cant treat or remove hpv from your cervix? So will it always be lingering just waiting to cause havock?!

Thanks for reading. Hana x 

Yes you are right.  Once you have HPV it may come back.  They are not sure if this is because it lies dormant and comes back when your immune system is low, or if you pass it back and forth with your partner - or a combination of both.  We had a really interesting talk on this at the Jos Trust Lets Meet conference.  There's no need to panic though, your body is highly likely to clear it when and if it comes back.  They are asking you to come back to colposcopy to keep an eye on you and be on the safe side.  You are very lucky they have you in the system and are aware of it so they can make sure it doesn't cause any major issues.  

You can help your body to clear it by living a healthy lifestyle, good diet, reducing stress, excercise and MOST IMPORTANTLY quitting smoking (if you smoke).. They have linked smoking as a major risk factor. 

Don't panic - it sounds like you are in very good hands xx

Hi Hana,

Yes I'm going through the exact same as you. Had treatment in march and last week my results came back as normal smear but still HPV :-(. I'm going to the hospital for colposcopy next Wednesday . Was worried so spoke to my gp who told me not to worry - if things are looking ok they may just keep under close review which I'm hoping.i struggled with anxiety and stress the first time around - hoping it won't be so bad this time. Disappointed Im going through it again but trying to keep positive 

Hope all is ok with you and you get sorted soon . X