Is colposcopy the answer? HPV vaccine?

Hi All,


I wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation and would be kind enough to share some advice. I am 27 and following a visit to my GP I was referred on the 2 week wait for colposcopy with biopsy at my local hosptial. This was just over a year ago and I have since been back three times for a similar procedure - each time being told I sometimes test normal on the smear but positive for high risk HPV and all times that I test positive for HPV. At my last appointment I was told that I may be able to return to the regular 3 yearly smear if my results came back as normal, howver have again recieved a letter explaining that although the smear was normal the HPV was deemed as high risk and I am to go back in 4 weeks for a further colposcopy.


Could anyone help with the following questions?


  • How can I be diagnosed as High Risk when I am told the NHS do not test which strain or number on the HPV scale my results fall into, if that is right how do they know I am high risk?
  • I asked for the accurate detail but was told the NHS cannot fund the test - has anyone in this network had this test done privately and if so would you be prepared to give me the cost detail etc.
  • Is it possible that the HPV vaccine could help? Should I pay for it privately?
  • I am told I need to boost my immune system, how can I do this?


I am concerned re: the number of follow up colposcopy's I am having to have which I am told could be every 6 months - I have read online that this can weaken the cervix and affect furture fertility - If I am to keep having to have the colposcopy but the HPV is not one of the strains that leads to cervical cancer i'm wondering if I had the test to see which strain it was if this would mean I could stop the colposcopy as i'm sure many of you agree it's not a pleasant expereince and I am so squeamish I tend to faint when they do the biopsy!


Thank you so much in advance for any advice offered,


Hi Abigail 

sounds like a good idea to keep asking questions. Do they keep inviting you back to see if you clear the virus naturally? There are some things you can do to boost your immune system I think. The Patient Paradox is a helpful book when thinking about the side effects of intervention. I live with life long side effects from having the LLETZ procedure for removing abnormal cells, and was never told anything about what it entailed. Doctors act as if it's a minor treatment, when in fact they are just not aware of all the side effects that can happen from it. 

Hi, I'm not sure really, I have another one this morning Si fingers crossed. I will check out that page re:diet so thank you very much. If you don't mind me asking - what kind of side effects? Thank you so much for your response.