Help!?!? NEW and need some support (kids mentioned)

Ok so I am new here and need some emotional support. I just turned 30 I have 2 kids 10 and 2 and have been married for 3 years. I have always had normal paps. In sept. I had a abnormal pap come back (barely ASCUS) hpv postive. My doctor did a colpo with biospy and it came back High grade severe dyplasia. I am so confused. How did it change that fast? Did my husband cheat on me? I do remember 6 years ago ( I was 24 years old) when I was dating my ex I heard the girl he was cheating on me had HPV and had procedures done. We were sleeping together at that same time also. So I am thinking I was exposed then but why would it not show up until now. I was vaccine with all 3 shots when I was 25 and here I am. I am so sad I am so confused. Help me guys!!! 


I'm not an expert but here is my understanding.  HPV is a tricky one; one of its features is that it can lie dormant in the body for many years (possibly decades in my case) and then for whatever reason can reactivate and cause cervical cell abnormalities/cancer.  There are are about 13 strains of HPV that are associated with cervical cancer; the vaccine only helps to protect against the most common strains.  If you were vaccinated when you were 25 I'm not sure to what extent the vaccine may be helpful for you - ideally the vaccine needs to be given before one has had a chance to be infected with HPV through sexual contact.  I can empathise with how scared you are but it's great that modern medicine can detect and treat cervical cell abnormalites before they have a chance to become large invasive cancers. In all likelihood you be cured with a relatively straightforward procedure and in a few years this will be a distant memory - I do a lot of voluntary awareness raising about the importance of smear (pap) tests and I've met a number of ladies in that position.

Hope this helps a bit?


I was diagnosed with hpv related cancer whilst beeing in a 20 year monogamous marriage. Having HPV does not mean your husband cheated on you 

Thank you!!! My poor husband has had to listen to me every night question him and question him. He has offered to even take a lie det. test if that is what would make me feel better. I have as of yesterday decided that I believe him. He has been so supportive in all of my emotions that I need to lay off of him. I truly know that I was exposed 5-6 years ago with an ex. BUt when I have told my story to a few people about my HPV status that have asked if my husband cheated on me and that is when I started my rabbit hole!!! ughhh 

Thank you so much!! I am scared just all knew to me I also suffer from PTSD and extreme medical anxiety so this DEF did not help. Thank you for making me feel better.

You need all the support you have available so don't question your husband over something that is unlikely as this won't help at all

Hope everything goes well for you!

Thank you so much! I have been feeling emotionally better but now my back and leg has been aching on and off for days.