Everything is quick - which is making me worry!

Hi anyone who takes the time to read this, and thank you. I've read through several other threads before writing my own to see if it would give me any peace of mind. Unfortunately it hasn't quite done that .. for most of the threads I read things have taken weeks. From smear to results, then from results to colposcopy - always weeks. 

I had my smear Weds 28th Oct - week and a half later I receive my results letter stating HPV positive and high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. (Sat 7th letter received but dated 5th) It advises I would receive a letter with an appointment for a colposcopy. The leaflet that came with the letter said it's usually a 4 week wait for an appointment. 

The letter itself says the cell changes are usually not cancer yet the leaflet says high grade means you are most at risk and if you do nothing, will become cancer. 

Tuesday 10th I receive a phone call from the hospital asking me if I knew why they were calling, I advised I'd received the letter and she asked me to come on Monday 16th at 11am. 

Of course I've done hours of Google research which has certainly helped me prepare myself for what treatments I might be in store for after my colposcopy.

It may sound stupid as I know I should be SO grateful I don't have the waiting around that a number of you have all had but it's concerning me how quick everything is! Making me think why don't have I the big wait of weeks and weeks, do they know more already?

I know googling is frowned upon but the way my brain works I have to understand everything and try and prepare myself. I am of course not assuming anything and am going to wait for my appointment but I can't help but have a bad feeling. 




A lot of us on this forum are here because we have had particularly difficult experiences or are perhaps, by nature, worriers;   probably most of us here are not typical.  So it's much more likely that someone will post about long waiting times than someone whose treatment goes ahead without a hitch. There are many many thousands of women who go through some type of treatment for cervical abnormalities every year; their treatment goes smoothly, they  are cured and we don't hear about them.  In my case I only joined this forum when I was about 2 years post treatment and it seemed that I was having an unusually bad time with side effects of treatment - my specialist nurse has confirmed that I have been very unlucky.

Hope all goes well for you.


P.S.  The problem with Google is that it will probably play to your worst fears

Hi kr1403,

I've been experiencing a similar timeframe to you, though I'm still awaiting my results after a LLETZ treatment. I've found the 'system' quicker this time compared to a previous colposcopy for borderline changes, though this time round my smear showed the same as you. I know if severe changes are detected they will always prioritise.

I can't provide much comfort other than facts, but my colposcopy confirmed severe changes / CIN 3 and LLETZ was completed there and then. That was two and a half weeks ago and I'm awaiting results from the cells to confirm and whether they had clear margins.

My advice would be have someone drive you to the appointment. You can't take anyone with you due to COVID and it can be a very emotional experience. I suffer from GAD and found it really tough - mentally. The actual LLETZ treatment was pain free.

Good luck with the appointment and I hope it all goes OK. Make sure you've read the leaflets and understand the procedure. I had about 30 seconds to decide there and then. While I'd never suggest 'preparing for the worst' it's worth having a decision in your head so you're ready, should the time come.

Take care x

Sorry to hear you're so worried but I completely relate to how you feel.

i had high grade dyskariosis & had the smear on Monday afternoon, by Saturday I had my results letter, in the same days post I had a letter for a colposcopy appointment which was the following Monday so basically from test being done to colposcopy appointment was exactly 2 weeks.

i FREAKED out completely, made myself feel sick with worry at the speed of it, assuming it must be awful news.


it was all completely fine, didn't even need treatment and the nurses we so completely amazing they made you feel like it would all be just fine whatever happened. We're just lucky to have a really efficient system.

lots of luck for your appointment 

Thansk JSH - if only mine went the way yours did.

Had my colposcopy this morning and the Dr said the area was larger than she had hoped and has referred me for LLETZ under general anaesthetic. I asked 3 times if I had anything to worry about but the only answer I got from Dr was what she saw is consistent with my abnormal result. I broke down when she told me I had to have an operation as I've had a previous bad experience and said I can't be put to sleep is there any other way and she said no. All the other threads I've read for LLETZ are done whilst awake under local so I'm now very nervous. She wrote urgent referral on top of my file before handing it to the nurse. I have a bad feeling about this. My operation will be within the next 6 weeks. X