Quick results and appointment - should I be worried?

I had my smear on the 30th of March and received my results letter and invite to colposcopy on the 25th of April (dated the 24th). This quick turn around (less than 4 weeks) and an appointment for this coming Thursday has made me worry. I have read how a lot of people are waiting a long time for results due to the current climate. Should I be worried that mine has all happened rather quickly? 

My results are HPV+ and severe dyskaryosis. 

Hi.I had my results the 17th April which was HPV Positive and high grade (moderate) I have my colposcopy on 28th April. I too am really worried. My smear test was on the 26th February. Anxiety is through the roof and just can't stop thinking the worst. 

I'm sorry you're also going through this. My thoughts are with you. I think it's probably normal to think the worst, just try to keep in mind how unlikely it is that it's something awful. I know it won't stop you worrying, it won't stop me either. But it might help a little x 


Hope you get on ok too. It makes you feel a little better knowing people react the same when they get the results. Abnormal smears is something that nobody really talks about. You don't realise how many people had them until you mention your own. 

Hi ladies

Since my cc diagnosis/treatment I've done a lot of awareness raising about the importance of cervical screening.  I've had a lot of interesting and positive feedback from doing this - I've formed the impression that it's very likely at least one of your neighbours, within only a few doors away, will have had some investigations/treatment for cervical cell abnormalities.  I used to work alongside 30 or so women and when I started to be open about my diagnosis two of them told me they had been treated for cervical cell abnormalities - they've been fine ever since.  Yet ironically it can feel so lonely when we get abnormal results - as Lou points out it's something that nobody really talks about.


Try not to worry too much hard I know but try to be positive your getting in quickly. Xx

Thank you, it does feel lonely, but I know you're right and it's more common than it feels. As you've both pointed out, people probably don't talk about it. I know I will, whatever happens. I'm the same with my mental health, very open about it. If I can help even one person, or encourage someone to attend their smear, I'll be happy. I should have went as soon as I was invited at 25. Now I've had one and this has happened, I'll never miss one or put it off again.


I am trying my best, but I have anxiety. I am medicated for it, but this has tipped me a little! Although today was the first time I got properly upset, as I had returned to work and explained the situation to a manager as I need time off for my colposcopy. Luckily she was lovely and has just put me back on holiday again until the procedure.