So I thought I was getting my treatment plan today... But.... I've just had a phone call saying that they want to examine me under anaesthetic now. I dont understand why this has now changed. 

Does this mean that the scans are not accurate? Or that they thinks its spread now? 

Now feeling down as I saw some progress and now seems like a step back. Another waiting game. 

It's been almost 4 weeks from diagnosis and still no treatment. 


Phone them and ask why. I know how you feel. I'm 3.5 weeks in and it's terrible not knowing or what the part is and why. 


Have you had mri and pet scan? 


Yes had Mri, pet and ct scan.

Waitin iis driving me crazy


The waiting is agonising. However, they will just be trying to reach the best decision they can for you. They may need to decide whether it's best to go for the main tumour first with chemo- radiation or whether to give you a jumpstart with a different chemo in the first instance to mop up any stray cells. That is the general treatment with a stage 4 so you are on the borderline between treatments with a stage 3C. That is my guess. An EUA won't take long and probably won't actually delay the start of treatment much. I feel for you though!

Karen x