Newly Diagnosed (children mentioned)

Hi All,

I'm posting on here as I am newly diagnosed with CC.  This was diagnosed with CC on 26.04.17 - and have had all my pre-op stuff done - including chest x-rays...etc.  Went for MRI scan yesterday (02.05.17) and have an EUA booked for 06.05.17.  Whilst I am not too concerned about the procedures...etc that I will have to undergo - I just wanted to find out what the average wait is to get the treatment plan.  I'm not the most patient of patients - and think I will feel better once I know what I have to go through.  I'm not the best of sleepers anyway - but the whole waiing game is making me worse.  I feel sick with nerves and my head feels all over the place - I can't seem to think about anything else!!

Thanks  - rant over xxxx

Hi, he waiting game is by far the worst part of it!! I think I'm one of the unlucky ones as I was told on feb 23rd of my cc but I've yet to have any treatment! However I must say this doesn't mean you will have to wait this long as I know there are ladies on here that have been diagnosed and started treatment or had a hysterectomy within 2 weeks! I think it depends where u live etc...I now do know which direction I'm heading in thankgod...after a lot of back and forth with scans and eua they've now downgraded my initial staging of 1b2/2a to a 1b1 so no longer having the chemorad I thought i would initially be having im now having a hysto!! Apparently lol...anyway I wish you lots of luck and keep using the forum I've found it invaluable!


kay x

Thanks Kay for the reply - knowing I'm not on my own makes you feel tonnes better.  Glad you have had a more positive result - I'm hoping mine is the same xxxxxx  Goodluck with your journey.  When are you due to have it?

I don't have a date yet but I have my pre op assessment next Wednesday 10th may so fingers crossed it wont be long after that as I feel I've waited long enough now...hoping i won't have to follow it up with chemorad xx

Goodluck Kay - will keep my fingers crossed for you xxxxx

Thankyou so much and please keep me up to date with your praying that it's just the hysto and no chemorad after fortunate enough to of had my 4 children and at the age of 45 menopause is knocking on the door anyway lol x

Hi - good luck with this the waiting is definitely the worst part.

I think the turnaround times do vary depending on where you live but they are usually able to turn things around within a matter of weeks.

My intitial cc diagnosis was on 20th March ( all the scans, examinations inbetween) and my trachelectomy surgery was 1 week ago on Friday 28th April. I will have my final summary on 23rd May - so it will have been a 2 month turnaround time from start to finish.

Totally normal to feel like this, it still feels like it's all i think about but I am sure with time that won't be the case.

If they are discussing surgery options with you and you wish to preserve fertility ask abou questiont trachelectomy. Happy to answer any questions you have about it.

Take care and good luck! xxx

Thanks Rachel, I'm not wanting to preserve fertility, I'm 43 and I've been blessed with 3 lovely children.  I'm for a hysterectomy and no chemorad - but I'm not bothered either way - just can't wait for the staging process to be over xxxxxxx this is a great forum for advice xxxx

Sorry u have found us but u have come to best place, I was diagnosed on the 9th March, at stage 2b with lymph involvement, I'm having chemo/rads an only have one chemo sessions left an 7 rads left to go, so the turn around has been amazing (Sheffield/ Doncaster​ area). 

Hope that helps

Dawn x

Hi, I'm in Scotland and in the same boat, was diagnosed Wednesday 3rd may and got ct on the 19th and MRI on the 23rd, I'm so annoyed it's taking so long and worrying myself sick! Like you I'm not a great sleeper either and this had made it worse, I just want it done asap, I called my nurse and said it's 2 long 2 wait and she said I'm on the cancellation list for MRI so if an appointment comes up before the 23rd I should be 1st to be called.

fingers crossed things will move quickly for you and we can all get through this.


debbie x

Aw Debz hope you get sorted soon. I've got my final results tomorrow (staging) which will be exactly 2 weeks from when I was diagnosed. By the sounds of it this seems to be the normal time. I know I've got to have a radical hysterectomy but not sure if I need chemo/radiation.  I hope you get the answers you need soon. It seems to take over your life and its all I can think about. It's hard to go about day to day life, work and be a mum with all this stuff going on my head too. Xxx keeping my fingers crossed for you xxxxx

Hey kazza

Just wondered how u got on today?? Did they give u r treatment plan 

Here if u need us.

Dawn x

Hiya hun, they dodnt give me a treatment as such.  I met my consultant who says he wants me in within 2 weeks for a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal.  After this hysterectomy they are sending lymph nodes off to be tested and will discuss chemo/radio after they come back.  I havent got date as the 1st date they had was 8th June and he wants me in within 2 weeks, so he is going to cancel some operations to fit me in, should hear by Monday.  but I think it will be some time next week.  was staged at 2b - which I was surprised he didnt start with chemo/radio.  I've also got complications as my bowl and bladder aren't in normal positions following an op for my last c-sectoion (the hospial mucked it up - long story) - so it looks like an abdominal operation too.

Well least u know where ur treatment plan is heading now and u can plan,  I thought with 2b u would of had chemo rads too but consultant must have his reasons, I had in my head I would have a hysterectomy first an was floored we went straight to chemorads, but once he explained lymph involvement I understood it

Good luck with ur journey 

Dawn x

Hi Dawn, I thought exactly the same. He says until they send the lymph nodes off to the lab he can't determine the chemo/rad sessions, which I find a bit strange as other people seem to know. I'm praying I get a phonecall today with my date but think it will be Monday now

Sounds like u may have both treatments then, which isn't a bad thing as then u know u done everything to kick this in to touch.


I hope so Dawn xxx Still waiting for my date.  Was hoping they would phone today.  I've spoken to the admissions team and they say that they are still waiting to confirm with consultant as he needs to cancel operations.  Probs be Monday now.  She says be prepared for them to say "come in tomorrow" - hahaha.  I hope so.