Awaiting treatment

Hi all I'm new to here, I am 24 and was diagnosed on the 8th April with cc, I had an MRI on the 22/04 and on the 03/05 seen a consultant to discuss the results, he has booked me in to have an examination under anaesthetic on Thursday as the MRi was not clear enough, although he did say that from that it has shown that in his opinion it is not operable but he would like to double check. They are going to check my bladder and bowels at he same time as they are unsure as to what way the tumour is growing.

I had never had a smear test due to my age only went to the docs because I had heavy bleeding when I had a period this started in January I didn't have periods previous to this due to having a coil fitted. I am just wondering if anyone else had to have this examination or not and hat the out some was?


any answers what be gratefully received xxx

Hi there,

I’m sorry you had to find this forum Laurann1989, it’s a great place for advice and support and I hope you are doing ok :slight_smile:

I had an EUA (examination under anaesthetic) in Feb. it was a really quick thing, I was home later that day and just had the effect of the anaesthetic to deal with. My outcome meant I needed a radical hysterectomy, as they performed a lletz too to check a larger area of my cervix.

One thing that struck me was that the info from the consultant changed every time…from being a tiny tumour, to stage 2, then back to stage 1 after my surgery. So sometimes it takes a while for the team to get the full picture before they can treat you. It seems like it’s spiralling out of control but it’s for the best!

Take care,


Thanks Jo1982 I was just worried that I was been given this op due to them thinking I was riddled with it, at least I feel like its a normal thing for them to do now. Xx

It’s fairly standard to get a better idea of what’s going on, from what I can gather. Everyone is a bit different, but I needed it as my MRI was clear but they weren’t sure of the size/depth of my tumour.

You won’t feel any discomfort and they can take a good look to see if it is operable/where it is.

I hope it goes well, keep us posted xx

I will confirm the above. The procedure biopsy/lletz under general anaethetic is very quick and you are on your feet again within a couple of hours. Expect some bleeding afterwards, but nothing too much. Take your own sanitary pads into the hospital as even though I assume virtually all women need them after gynae procedures, they seemed hard to locate on the day ward I was in!!!

Best wishes.

Hi Laura - yes I had the same thing as well - as the ladies above have said - it's a good way to get all the pieces of the puzzle put together!  They did a EUA on me at the same time as you - after the MRI - and then decided it was too big to operate and I had Chemo and rads. Its good that they are going in to double check everything - cancer is so sneeky and not as clear cut as people think! Please message me if you have any questions about anything - and let us know how you go!

Vick xxxx

hi laura, hope everything goes ok.keep us posted. xx