Newbie - newly diagnosed

Hi All,

This is my first time posting on here, so wish me luck :)  I was diagnosed on 26th April of having CC.  That day was a whirl wind of events, being passed from one department to another, meeting different people.  i had all my pre-op stuff done, I've had an MRI on Tuesday (2nd May) and I'm booked in for EUA on Saturday (6th May).  My head is all over the place and I have a mixture of emotions.  Im pleased to have everything moving so quickly! How long should I expect to wait for treatment plan? They haven't indicated the stage of the cancer yet - so I think that's what's worrying me really.

Thanks for listening (in advance)


Sorry to here about diagnosist,but all the ladies on here r great and very helpful. Please stay away from google it will only upset you ask your questions here or ask your doctor. I was told 4 months ago that i had took about 2 weeks for me to get my treatment started. I hope all goes well for u and i will keep u in my prayers :-)

My treatment  started  about a month after  i found  out  i had cc cc as mmouse said  stay  off Google  and ask any  questions  on here i wish you all the best  with Saturday  try n rest as much  as you can x

Hi kazza

welcome to our wonderful club that no one wants to be in but so happy once they have found us! 

This is the best place for you to be on the net. Stay far away from goggle as the information is outdated and for the most part false. 

There worst part of this whole journey you are imbarking on is the wait. I was diagnosed after a lletz and started treatment just under 1 mth. 

Once you are staged it will not take long. Try to stay busy and keep your mind of off cancer as much as possible. Stick around and ask any question. We are all a great bunch and are right here for you. 

You are not alone in this. 

Big hugs

thank youso much for the support ladies - it is lovely knowing that i'm not on my own and i have a place to come to to ask questions.  Friends just say "you'll be fine" which I know I will but still doesnt stop us ladies from worrying.  I can't wait for my treatment plan to be given to me so that I know where I'm at and what I've got to face xxxxx

I'm 4 weeks into my treatment. It took about 3 weeks from diagnosis till treatment but it's so much better once you know and treat flies by. Stay away from google and talk to people on here instead. Much less scarey ! 

Good luck with your journey xx 

Thank You everyone. Had my EUA today, just sat in hospital as I'm typing this! Had brief chat with surgeon and he seems to think it's all contained and should just be a radical hysterectomy. Got meeting with my consultant booked for next Wednesday. I feel so much better now I have some sort of answers xxxx goodluck to you all with your treatment xxx