EUA then Hysterectomy


During a conversation with my consultant he confirmed that they had found cc. He mentioned EUA and hysterectomy (he told me before lletz that he wasn't sure he could 'get it all out' and if not it would be a hysterectomy). I freaked out a little and wasn't able to take any more in. 

Does anyone have any advice or experience of this part of the journey? 


I don't have any advise to give other than stay strong. The ladies on here will advise. Have you have mri/pet. Ct scan yet to set staging. Get staging done. But please remain as calm as you can. Trust in your doctor. Are you in UK or else where?

Hi Harvitt

thank you for your response. I haven't been told I'm having ct/pet scans. So on the mri and lletz biopsy, he is saying EUA and hysterectomy. It seems different to other ladies journeys and I don't know why.  

It doesn't seem that so many people have EUA. And that scares me. 

Hi Rifus,

Im sorry you find yourself on this journey, but know we are all with you.

I had an EUA and then radical hysterectomy. The EUA was straight forward and involved going into the surgical centre for a morning. They did the usual checks then to theatre, then back to the pod. When I woke up I was tired, but not in pain or uncomfortable. The worst part was having to wear the TED stockings afterwards in a heatwave!!

I had open surgery for the hysterectomy so was in hospital for 5 days and then recovered at home. Constipation after surgery was THE worst thing ever. Prune juice did the trick so get some in. You will definitely need help when you come out of hospital so take it and take it day by day.

There are a lot of posts on Hysterectomy on the forum which may be useful but you’ve got this and can do this journey. 

Anything you want to know ask away and I’ll try and help. 

Big hugs xxx

Thank you noodlesdoodles,

I hadn't thought to search hysterectomy and had been desperately searching for EUA. That's what panic does for you!    (Harvitt's advice to stay calm was really relevant here!). 
It is great to know that you got through this, and very kind of you to be helping others with their journey.  

I will look up hysterectomy on the forum. 
Take care of yourself and stay safe. 

big hugs

Hi rufus 

I'm sorry to hear your diagnosis .. how did your MRI go ?? 

Guess it's good news they can do the hysterectomy straight away hopefully you will be fully recovered and feeling better soon 

take care xx

Hi Pleasehelp

I hope you are still well and coping with the lockdown. I hope you celebrated your result appropriately!

I am waiting for the MDT meeting to happen and then my full results meeting on Wednesday.  My consultant was kind enough to tell me that they had found cc and that I would need examination and then hysterectomy. He wouldn't give me any info about the MRI until it was looked at by the team.  
He thinks I'm a really anxious person and I don't think he wants to scare me. In 'real life' I have a reputation of being really calm and unflappable but cancer is emotive to me. 
Thank you for replying and take good care of yourself 

big hugs 

Well I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday .. 

it sucks that they haven't told you much I think that must add to the anxiety .. 

the good thing is they can treat it and hopefully its been caught real early .. 

i did have a drink but I feel a bit worried about my test in 6months time 

but I feel silly for worry when you have so much more on your mind .. I'll keep in touch so you can let me know how your appt on wed goes sending lots of love and positivity !!! 

Youve got this you can do it xxx

Thank you, Pleasehelp,

Don't feel silly for worrying, it's a crazy scary experience.  My husband was so freaked out at the colposcopy that he went into shock, fainting in the room whilst I was still on the exam chair. 
Now you are going to be checked regularly, it's a bit double edged because it keeps it in your mind.  Try and remember that there are so many things they can do if they catch problems early.  
There is such a high chance that you will not have any more issues, that I think you will relax a bit over time.  

Big hugs



Hi Rufus

I will be thinking about you on Wednesday too. Let us know how you get on. 


Rufus .. What a lovely person you are helping other people when you must be so so worried 

i wish you all the luck in the world you deserve it xxx

sending strength 

Thank you all for taking time out to offer reassurance and info.  We have all found ourselves in a strange and scary place.
Thank goodness for this site and you lovely ladies. 

I will let you know how Wednesday goes. 
Much love. 

Hi Everyone,

I had my meeting today and had some good news.  Although I do have cc, it is stage 1 and operable, so I'm having a radical hysterectomy (Covid permitting) in the next few months.  

Thank you everyone who wished me luck.  It definately feels like I have been lucky so far and you ladies are amazing support for me and each other.

Stay safe everyone.  


Hi Rufus

You sound relieved to know where you now stand and that you have a treatment plan. I'm glad you've got the meeting out of the way & hope you will soon find out when you can have your hysterectomy.

Hugs & best wishes


Hi 55

Thank you for the message.  I almost skipped out of my appointment. Waiting is so hard (as you know) and you imagine the worst case senario.   Now I know the plan, and that it is early stage, its just about getting it done!

Big hugs


Iv been checking this site all day waiting for you to post rufus !!

thats great news !!! 

So fingers crossed it will all be over in a few months how was your MRI result

sending love xxx

Hi Pleasehelp

Thank you for remembering me today.
The MRI was fine. They couldn't see any spread or problems beyond the cancer they didn't get with lletz. They are happy to go ahead with the hysterectomy without doing the EUA (relieved) and I am meeting the surgeon on Friday.  As everyone does, I had considered the worst case senario and got myself in a tis. 
I've told the kids, work and friends and started the battle plan with the house and what I need for hospital/ afterwards.  
Once I've walked the dog, we are opening a bottle of wine and celebrating. It's a stage 1 party!

Take care of yourself.

Much love and big hugs

Awww it's great news it's stage 1 I'm so pleased for you 

I felt really happy for you too last night I was worried about you yesterday .. 

your gunna be fine and I'll be here every step with ya so proud of you !! Let me know how tomorrow goes 


Hi rufus,

You were so kind and replied to one of my posts and I have been thinking about you and your MRI results. I am so pleased to hear it is stage 1, I hope your appointment with the surgeon went well yesterday. 


Hi Kirstylou87 

The meeting was good (once I got over my husband not being allowed in with me).  I am all set for the rad hysterectomy and I know that I have at least two weeks before he will consider having me in (recovery time after lletz). I have to decide if I want to keep my ovaries as I had been told previously that I wouldn't have a choice.  The only blow was that my husband will not be able to visit me while I am in hospital.  I'm sad about that.  
Stay safe

Big hugs  xx